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posted 14 Feb 2012, 17:37 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 14 Feb 2012, 17:47 ]

Some of the older comrades (excuse me, who you calling Uncle?) would remember an undergarment called a half slip worn by women. We men were never told why it was so called, but if it showed below the hemline of the skirt, intentionally or otherwise, it was considered a sign of immodesty, and any authentic gentleman, like me, would simply say "Excuse me ma'am your slip is showing". Immediate adjustments, followed by a little blush would follow.

Now I know in this age of full frontals by Destra, Janet Jackson, Megan and the pole dancers from "de greens” outside Panorama people might steups and say I am making this up, but it was socially acceptable then to wear full clothing.

All this comes back to me as I read and heard of the latest incident at Newsday's offices. Poor Newsday, where have you been? Did you not hear of the 95.5 reporter who was taken from his house during the State of Emergency and detained for a traffic ticket? Or the reporter/courier from the Express who in spite of having a valid curfew pass was threatened to "move nah!” What about the Ian Alleyne episode at another media house?

Oh you thought that since your newspaper is generally supportive of the Partnerslip that Mr. Bhagoo has diplomatic immunity? Was that the line you took when the young reporter from Central, Rhondor Dowlat, reported on a traffic matter involving some police officers and was cautioned by Newsday management. What happened when she stood her ground? Yuh bus’ she throat! Oh, freedom of the press does not apply to her? Sorry, what was I thinking? I must be slipping too.

So all arms of the Partnerslip are busy disassociating themselves from the raid and calling for an explanation from Inspector Koon Koon! What an eminently wise man! Can you imagine with a name like that what would have happened if this had occurred around November and the calypsonians had some time? This raid was timed to perfection. Nobody goes to Skinner Park (except Chalkdust) with brand new tunes and expects to shine.

Again I may be having one of those back in time half slip/can can/ crinoline moments. (Oh crinolines and can cans pre-dated half slips). But I seem to recall that police men reported to the Commissioner who in turn reported to the Police Service Commission. Now every erstwhile political leader wants an explanation from the Commissioner.

Poor man He can't even laugh "gib gib" like the old folk used to say. Oh let me "slip" this one in…under? Aren’t complaints supposed to go to Gillian Lucky of the Police Complaints Authority? Is Gillian facing constructive dismissal?

Now this whole thing is supposed to have started when two old people fell out. A third who was supposed to referee/arbitrate found of that one of the sponsors of the game had issued a statement without his prior knowledge. Not that it seems to have bothered him too much. After all they declared a state of emergency and told him afterwards. Go easy on the comrade: he must be accustomed to these things. Remember Patrick would not fix his roof!

Anyway my question is: don't these people have grandchildren to drop to school and help with their home lessons? What about home gardening? Or even gossiping? Write some right wing memoirs!

No yuh fighting over a work that has no meaning, an office that slips more than the Partnerslip and at the end of the day most of the population "cheups" about.

So this is the political territory the present administration is riding slipshod over. Even as we write a strike possibly awaits them in the oil sector. Comrade General Secretary of the OWTU keeps slipping in and out of labour. What happens if the strike is indeed called? Will he (having signed the strike notice) continue to operate in the Senate representing the state against whom the strike was called, as the sole stakeholder?

Is this going to be for Errol and Rudy and the other a case of "dey too bright"?

The answers keep slipping me!