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posted 19 Aug 2013, 06:19 by Gerry Kangalee
The Honourable Kwame Ture/Stokely Carmichael reminds us that one must not be ungrateful in politics. Nor can we afford to be in sports. All praises due to Jehue Gordon for his heroic leap into legend and the history books. Seizing the moment, he impelled himself to gold and glory. May he go on to greater things! 
Even if he does not his legend is already sealed simply because those 47.69 seconds will be shown repeatedly as has Hasely's ’76 Olympic gold rush. The gods of history and drama combined to give us an epic finish. 
But a piece of the story is missing. So far I have called a leading radio station and television sports producer to inform them of the missing link. I also called the Cuban embassy to thank their representative. 
Our two recent gold medals, at the 2012 Olympics and now at the 2013 Worlds have real Cuban 'carats'. The case of Keshorn Walcott is well known. The story of Jose Sanchez is not so well known because he left about 4 years ago. Jose worked very closely with Jehue as a junior athlete. This is well known in track and field circles. He worked with several others. 

The problem was that there never was a national programme. That is why we do not see more Keshorns and Jehues. Check what is happening with Jamaica. There are already successors to Asafa and Usain. 
A Cuban coach sent to Trinidad/Tobago assumes a serious responsibility. He/she takes the task of representing Cuban 'campo y pisto'/track and field seriously. I am informed that the terrible conditions that obtained for the first brigade have improved considerably. Terrible is an understatement. This writer at one point used to beg them to go back home, because of shame. Glad to know that is a thing of the past. My wish is that they be given every opportunity to help our national development. 

Very soon the circling of the corbeaux and the Ministerial braying of the jackass will pass. In its wake will follow very little serious organized programmes. I remember visiting Toco shortly after Keshorn’s triumph and being told that the grounds were not being cut though off/pre season work was underway. One wonders what kinds of improvements were made in the Toco community. 

Are the powers that be going to rush into Maraval with platitudes, promises and bullet proof vests? Are we now going to have a "Hurdles for life'' tournament in the area? Please do not ask the lil boy, he is just 21, to lift the Prime Minister over any hurdles.