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Hol' Yuh Han' By Peter Garvey

posted 18 Sept 2017, 12:49 by Gerry Kangalee
Moratorium is just a fancy word for "delay". So when that word was used as the headline in the Guardian (dated 14/09/2017) and I saw various Union leaders under that picture, I was of course compelled to read with intense interest.

The Union Leaders came out of a meeting with the Prime Minister on 13/09/2017 and apparently had a "successful" meeting with the Prime Minister. Amendments to the Retrenchment and Severance Benefit Act and the Company's Act are to "be brought urgently" to Parliament; that was one of the agreements coming out of the meeting. Another agreement coming out of the meeting, is that a hold on retrenchment of workers in workplaces "under Government control", will be in force up to December 31st, 2017. What?!?

Ancel Roget has been reported in the Guardian as saying that this "moratorium" on job cuts premised their return to the National Tripartite Advisory Council (NTAC). How does this benefit workers? To tell you the truth I do not know or give a rat’s rectum. Because how the HELL you can go into a meeting as a representative for workers and their rights and negotiate a finite delay in job cuts just to get back on a "Council" that has never worked in any incarnation in any Government Administration. Yuh mad?!?

If this strategy is anything like the proposed list of business owned by the 1% it has already failed. Trinidad & Tobago have grown weary of the empty threats and "grand charge" of the Labour Movement under the leadership of Errol McLeod, James Lambert, Michael Annisette and Ancel Roget. They will be disrespected yet again and no hell will break loose. The workers will continue to exist in a hell organized by Government and the private sector whose fires are fuelled by the egoistic ineptitude of Trade Union leaders whose interest seems to be more about their personal legacy than the workers interest.

We just got sold down the river Comrades. If we do not organize ourselves, if within our workplaces we cannot find better leaders to stand behind, our pipe that the crapaud will be smoking will be sold to him by our "representatives" who will use our indifference and indolence as their permission to do so.

This is what we must do to go: FORWARD EVER!!! BACKWARD NEVER!!