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HOLD THE PUSSY! by Rae Samuel

posted 20 Oct 2016, 18:06 by Gerry Kangalee
Image result for donald trump cartoonDonald...wait…wait!!! The darkest hour is NOT before the Trump, or the male strumpet. They say you illegally fondle 'pussy'' but I will show you how there is hope in grope.

Whom you need is an expert in this arena: Someone who has been there, done that and continued to do it while in high office. What do Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky and Jennifer Flowers have in common? Sorry? Whom? That's right - Billary Jefferson Clinton. He is the Teflon don of sexual misconduct charges. He won cases of groping, exposing himself and sexual harassment. Next to him you are an acolyte Donald. He has even screwed Haiti.

How do we get him to switch sides? Somewhere in your seraglio of nannies there must be a nubile, under 25, star-struck intern who would love to see the inside of the White House and also of a 'Vice'/vice president. He will dump Killary at drone speed. On the campaign trail y'all can swap speeches. Besides he cannot lose. Even if Killary wins he is still her husband , at least on paper. She can't really put him out of the house/House.

What if he picks up or picks off where he left off? It would only be his second strike. You need 3 to be convicted for life, beside Cuban cigars are now legal since Obama's visit to Cuba. If Bill uses one to smoke or stroke or poke; if he is caught out again you won't have to divorce him and end up giving him half of Trump Towers in a settlement. Just remember to politely decline any cigars he may offer you. And you can say ''I never groped my Vice President''

The "Black vote?" You got that sewn up to too. Call Bill Cosby, Kobe Bryant and/or R. Kelly; with their histories and back ground in yours and Billary's preferences you all are home free. Beyond that they used to say Billary was the first ''Black President'' - seems you can fool some Black people all the time, after all. Regardless of what H. Rap Brown has been saying about Blacks running for President since 1967/68.

So here is the plan! Donald please don't duck out now. To the music of the Temps Ball of Confusion, our slogan will be "Grope with me and I'll set you free.' We will hand out Cuban cigars on the campaign trail. As the voting day approaches we will drop our bomb tune "Hold the pussy/Hold the pussy/ Hold the pussy cat'' by the inimitable Lord Blakie. That will take care of the naturalised West Indian vote.

What is in it for us down here in the Caribbean? Listen Donald: we want you to appoint former U.N.C politician Clifton De Couteau to your Cabinet as an adviser on hair. You see how your peacock tail flaps all over your head? Not once did Cliff's toupee ever shift in 5 years in Parliament. Just do not ask him to speak in public…ever. Your own Senate will impeach your ass overnight.

And when you open a Trump Towers in Trinidad, save a room for the JTUM to have a Judas supper before the next elections.

Hold the pussy!