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posted 4 Nov 2014, 13:19 by Gerry Kangalee
The Highway Reroute Movement (HRM) has published a video on You Tube entitled Mediation is the way Forward. The video can be seen here.

Eugene Reynald does not support the need for mediation and his view is published below:

"The talk of mediation will delay the process and give the State the opportunity it is seeking in the project and all the other quite illicitly contrived ones to get contracts in place and hurriedly proceed with letting contract and doing work so the Courts can say that despite the fact that the project was illicitly contrived the work "too far gone" to stop it now; thus freeing those responsible for the illicit contrivances to continue with such.

In effect all that was/is illicit is made legal by cowardly and quite unintelligent and uninformed decisions of the Court - for reasons we can all speculate at.

The Armstrong Report is mediation of the best kind we can get - and by any definition qualifies as mediation. Their report was rejected by Kamla and her Cabinet for reasons still unknown to the public and at the time of writing this - some months after her rejection, her team is still fumbling to put these reasons in writing. All while she and her sycophants in Cabinet repeatedly assert their rejection by ignoring all of its recommendations and accelerating the rate of work on the project.

A whole Cabinet can lie and deceive because one person speaks for them but 19 leaderless professionals supported by scores of others cannot. In light of all the aforementioned, what would you expect from Kamla regarding any lesser form of mediation?

Get real folks, any talk of mediation is playing into the sinister agenda of the politicians and those suggesting it as a solution are pied pipers for their cause.

The public needs to hold the course of the Armstrong Report and try to get the minutes of the fateful meeting with the IDB or "water board, truth serum or embarrass" Dookeran into telling us the reasons cited by his friends at the IDB for rejecting his request for financing.

That meeting was too important not to have been minuted or fully reported on because Dookeran's submission was used as an example of "how not to" implement projects and he was made to silently suffer through a long IDB admonishment on this. Surely there was learning for him in this experience that was carefully noted - to be used in his future interactions with the IDB.

Dookeran and Howai must be made to recognise the right of the public to know all of this and more and their duty as public servants who are paid by the public, not Kamla, to observe and promote this right. The facts will in time be known and if they do not act honourably and honestly now, they both will be damned in history for the role they played in this whole dastardly conspiracy to dumb down and keep in ignorance the public - for reasons that we all know."

Eugene A. Reynald