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posted 31 Oct 2011, 12:11 by Gerry Kangalee

People in general, and workers in particular, have become acutely aware of the risks certain environments pose to our health. There are risks associated with working in heavy industry, chemicals used in manufacture, exposure to bacteria in heath facilities and carbon monoxide poisoning caused by vehicle emissions.

But I would like us to address a glaring omission caused by a particular emission. This virus was spawned under the PNM. Eric Williams incubated it in Balisier House. It took root in the 1960's really and has been purveyed by subsequent administrations conscientiously since.

It seems to have mutated sometime in May 2010 and returned with a viciousness that is astounding, even to veteran researchers, who may for example have observed the "all ah we t'ief strain", which ironically killed that set of hosts and incubators, or the "none shall escape unscathed" variety, whose innovator took a serious Bas...bath within his own laboratory and saw his fellow researcher hi-Jacking his research centre.

The only non starter on record came in 1981,"not a damn seat for them" Alas they did not COP-out and a new strain is valiantly trying to partner its way back in.

Those mostly at risk would be anyone reading or listening to statements by political parties of all stripes in this country. The tissue most immediately affected by this political pandemic would be the eyes and the ears leading to lasting and possibly permanent brain damage. Alas it is more debilitating than fatal in the short term. One only has to read the political commentaries in the Daly/daily news to appreciate that some are able to function though clearly brain dead

One particular case illustrates what happens when there is prolonged exposure to this environment.There is one Powerful presenter who clearly symbolises how victims arrive at this state of dementia. One or two of us would have heard how this individual inveighs against the dead, Eric Williams; the living, all African people; the half dead, Tapia; and anybody and anything that he sees, hears or senses in his environment. It’s a hell of a Job but he persists.

In some areas the risk of infection is greater than in others. For example the "talk show hosts" strain of the fungus is particularly pervasive and destructive. So powerful have they become that they have successfully attacked other tissues on the broadcast body and probably have infected over 60% of the airwaves. Dedicated to the policy of "talking loud and saying nothing", these folk bray night and day..

Some sub strata are so virulent that they have been identified by locale and gender: Ms /Mr. "Port-of-Spain", "Chaguanas" "Brooklyn" to name a few. And it seems a recent shipment has come in from Jamaica, replacing a London based strain which flourished briefly, on mornings in "de gayelle"

Even in sport there has been cross infection. This one can be seen bravely kicking, cuffing, mangling, and masticating the English language in every conceivable way. Well written literature, or the B.B.C., probably infuriates him. There is yet another who asks a question, explains it at length, suggests answers and incredibly asks the guests for a point of view.

Whenever a country is under any form of threat researchers are called in to determine the causes and take precaution. Listeners and readers need to know that there were progressive voices around under the banner of the OWTU Vanguard, before the Union became Clouded, the Caribbean Contact which was an authentic Caribbean newspaper, Lloyd Best's Tapia, though at times even God could not understand what he was saying, "Granma" from Cuba, to name a few. The Committee for Labour Solidarity published an original newspaper, Hold the Fort, before the organisation died of self inflicted wounds. David paying for Paul.

Some "trade unionists without frontiers', like the National Workers Union have stepped bravely into the void, virtually becoming the 'webpage' of record in the labour movement because of their format and content. Others need to follow. Save the children. Inoculate them against what passes for information from these political sources. Display photographs of politicians, talk show hosts and columnists with a large banner over their mouths saying "Harmful if swallowed"