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Haiti Earthquake SOLIDARITY

posted 17 Jan 2010, 06:16 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 6 Mar 2010, 20:19 ]
Unions Mobilise Aid For Haiti
The Communication Workers' Union (CWU) has announced that it will accept clothing and non-perishable foodstuff to assist the people of Haiti as they struggle with the aftermath of the monstrous earthquake of January 12th 2010. The collection point is CWU headquarters, 146 Henry Street, Port of Spain.
The Federation of Independent Trade Unions (FITUN) has partnered with the NGO Is there not a cause to provide relief for the people of Haiti.
Paramount Building, Oilfields Workers' Trade Union (OWTU) Headquarters 99A Circular Road, San Fernando will serve as a drop off point for supplies to be shipped to Haiti.
Nikki Johnson, Education and Research Officer of the OWTU who is responsible for co-ordinating the effort, said that the priority supplies were bottled water; canned food and can openers; toiletries (especially female toiletries)  - carbolic, blue soap etc.; basic first aid and medical supplies and seviceable clothing (no shoes with holes, old underwear etc.)

Sister Johnson can be contacted at 652-2701-3

The National Union of Government and Federated Workers has committed itself to mobilising relief for Haiti
Labour and progressive organisations all over the world have been mobilising themselves to support the Haitian people...more 
The World Federation of Trade Unions express its sympathy with the people of Haiti for the national calamity caused by the catastrophic earthquake. Tens of thousands of people have been killed and survivors are now struggling for basic necessities like drinking water.
We express our condolences to the families of the victims and moral support to all unions and members that are going to rebuilt their country and the living conditions of the people of Haiti.

Once again we express our full support and solidarity with the working class of Haiti and we hope that they can find the strength to overcome this tragedy.
The WFTU makes a call upon its affiliates and friends to actively express their solidarity and support in practice.
The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG)  has made a donation of $600,000 to the Haiti Relief Committee. According to the Stabroek News “The federation…was moved to collect and contribute this sum for its affiliates as little persuasion was needed in the face of the horrific devastation by the earthquake in the already depressed Caricom sister country,” FITUG said.
It noted that there is the possibility that either individually or collectively some further donation might be forthcoming from the trade union body. “FITUG mourns with the survivors of Haiti but will lobby for long-term continuous reconstruction of that Caribbean state, even after the current relief and rescue operations are completed,” it added.
Unions around the world are raising money and sending volunteers to Haiti.
The US trade union movement is mobilizing its members to provide assistance and calling for a massive global relief effort...more.

The Canadian Labour Congress has arranged for online donations through the Red Cross. Funds received will be distributed to Haitian unions through the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas; disaster relief through the Red Cross; and relief and reconstruction initiatives through OXFAM and the Humanitarian Coalition. Each donation will be matched by the federal government...more
Humanitarian assistance has been going in to Haiti from Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic three of Haiti's closest neighbours. The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.  
The first contingent of Cuban doctors specializing in assisting after natural disasters and serious epidemics headed for Haiti, following the massive earthquake that struck the impoverished Caribbean country on Tuesday.
The brigade was first established to offer help to the United States when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in 2005, an offer rejected by ex-President George W. Bush.
Since then the brigade has been on the scene after earthquakes in Pakistan and China, the Tsunami in Indonesia and major flooding in Guatemala and Bolivia.
Cuba already had 344 doctors and other health professionals working full time in Haiti under an agreement with the Haitian government.
Venezuelan Humanitarian Team Arrives in Haiti after Earthquake
Caracas January 13, 2009 (venezuelanalysis.com) – Venezuela sent its first aid airplane to Haiti, a Bolivarian National Armed Force's Hercules C-130, with a fifty-strong advance humanitarian aid team on board, on Wednesday morning, after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake leveled the country’s capital Port-au-Prince, late Tuesday...more. Venezuela has since stepped up aid to Haiti...more
The Civil Society Forum of the ACP States is totally disturbed about the slowness with which needed aid is getting to the Haitian people. We are well aware that tremendous financial aid is presently being committed to the cause, with the EU contributing approximately three million Euros to the relief efforts.

There is clearly a problem with coordination, and frankly, the United States of America have taken control of the airport and borders, thus having under its management all ports of entry into Haiti. This has been apparently accepted by CARICOM, but Jamaica has been designated and confirmed the hub of all relief efforts heading to Haiti, as such, it is our firm belief that the ACP Civil Society prepares itself to offer meaningful and organized aid for the Haitian people.

There is another crisis on hand : in a couple of days many Haitians will flood the borders of Jamaica and other Caribbean countries in boats. The Caribbean countries, already facing serious economic crises, will shelter the refugees.

It is imperative that we are funded to carry out a strategic and proactive response programme that will see to the sustained development of the State in crisis. ACP Civil Society Forum is therefore proposing:

Since there seems to be a problem with logistics, we need to partner with agencies such as the Salvation Army and the Red Cross to transport resources that have already been collected across the Caribbean region, so that shipment can be arranged and delivered in an orderly and timely manner.
ACP Civil Society must ensure that there is a team dispatched to Haiti, to assist with recovery, but most importantly, rebuilding. We are not interested in being put up in hotels etc, the main interest is to get there and help, this is pivotal.

We have identified a Salvation Army owned property in Port-au-Prince that could house volunteers; as such we need help with securing tents for volunteers.
Of greater importance is the sustainable rebuilding and development exercise. The ACP Civil Society Forum therefore needs to meet and implement an extensive youth and community development exercise that would incorporate issues relating to the affective.

We are therefore appealing for donations which will be spent on the most immediate need which is Transportation to get the relief there and medical and sanitary supplies. Apart from getting relief in, there is the problem of getting people with severe injuries out of Haiti where they could get special medical attention.

Barbados is setting up a portable medical facility in Haiti which will be fully outfitted with operating theatres, and medical personnel. This facility will need to be constantly supplied with large amounts of medical and sanitary supplies.

Here is a list coming out of Haiti of those needs which we are told are urgently needed for at least 100,000 people:

Ace bandages, gauze pads, bandage & tape
Water purification tablets & Rehydration salts
antibiotic and antifungal (Mycology) creams
anti-allergy medication (i.e. Benadryl)
anti-parasite medication
Tylenol; children's tylenol
cold and cough medicine
diarrhea medication
eye drops
insect repellent
hydrogen peroxide
skin disinfectant spray

Account information is as follows:
Account: BANGO (Barbados Association of NGOs)
RBC Royal Bank of Canada, Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados, Caribbean:
Swift Code: ROYCBBBB
Transit No: 09545
Acc#: 31018001

Further information will be forwarded as we get more information to make it easier for you to donate to Haiti.
Lawman Lynch
ACP Civil Society Forum

Roosevelt O King
Secretary General
Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organisations

Flavia Cherry
Chair of CAFRA (Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action)
St. Lucia