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posted 13 Jan 2011, 10:49 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 26 Jan 2011, 21:10 ]
David Abdulah's statement that "there is much the Labour Movement has to be grateful for since the PP Government took office” continues to expose his historical disrespect for the intelligence of workers. 

He cites the stop of the smelter construction, the discontinuation of the Revenue Authority and proposed Court actions against the CWU and TIWU unions to support his opportunist and elitist uppity class bias. What a shameful and disgusting statement! Is he living in T&T? 

He fails to mention that thousands of workers led by the Public Service Association and other Unions are on the streets struggling for a decent wage from the PP government: government that has offered 1% and then 5% in a period of double digit inflation rates. He does not mention that working class pannists have had their carnival stipend cut by the PP from $1000 to $800. 

He says nothing on the attempts of his government to break the Maxi-Taxi Union protest by removing buses from the rural areas to the urban centres, leaving rural people without transport. He says nothing on the government’s intention to harmonise occupational pensions with the NIS. He says nothing about the government’s wholesale adoption of neo-liberal policies that Abdulah himself crusaded against for years. 

He is silent on the grass roots workers of URP who are being paid late and intimidated with the possible loss of their jobs. He seems to be not aware that citizens are being victimized for being suspect PNM. These are just a few issues which are exposing the historical anti-worker positions of the PP leadership. 

Abdulah led by his shameless leader McLeod attempts to justify their betrayal of the workers and poor of this country by aligning with a pro-business recycled cabal of corrupted politicians with a history of anti-trade union policies. 

It is clear that Abdulah and McLeod serve the interests of the Ruling Business and Political Elites posited in the Labour Movement to pacify the Trade Unions and Workers. Their job, for which they are being well paid, is TO SERVE THE INTERESTS OF THE RULING CLASS IN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO.