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GOUTI ABOUT TO RUN By Laurence Brown

posted 1 Oct 2017, 04:29 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 1 Oct 2017, 05:11 ]
As the Nation awaits the yearly lowering of the AX on the necks of ORDINARY people by the TAX/AX man, we are subjected to open displays of unbridled power, arrogance and contempt for the collective intelligence of the MASSES.

While the inequitable burden of austerity is forced upon us, the rich, super rich, and the privileged and protected elite, are gleefully licking their chops and rubbing their hands in anticipation of yet another opportunity to feed off what they view as a defenceless and demoralized pool of LABOUR.

In the face of new and increased taxes, increases in utility rates, threats of devaluation, further job losses, alongside obscene opulence and corruption by an administration shaken by allegations of massive corruption and increasing pressure from its financiers, the objective reality remains that they proceed with their agenda(s), confident in the knowledge that there is no fear of a social backlash.

As labour leaders as distinct from the LABOUR MOVEMENT, walk away from a compact in which they were never truly included, they have greater concern for losing their places at the feeding trough, rather than their continued relevance to long used and neglected memberships.

In the Telecommunications Industry whose global worth is unfathomable, we have witnessed over the last two decades, the perennial siege of TSTT with its unconditional surrender to privatization being the sole objective.
Image result for trinidad agoutiIn this regard the recent highly publicized resignation of a politically appointed Board Chairman has concealed much more that it has revealed. The public blowing of his own trumpet as he claimed great success in doing what is expected of any chairman masks the greater concern for the continuance of TSTT as a majority government owned Public Utility.

There was little mention, in his publicized letter, of a transaction under his watch involving Hundreds of Millions of TSTT funds in the acquisition of the Telecommunication arm of a dominant local conglomerate, the details of which remain shrouded in secrecy. His disclosure of the conclusion of negotiations for long outstanding collective agreements was immediately check-mated by reference to the need to adjust labour costs downwards. 

This open display of self praise is one which should not escape the leadership of the Communication Workers Union, as it can be interpreted as a public statement of who is in charge and a report to those behind the scenes that he has completed the job he was sent to do and the way is now clear for realization of long harboured dreams. In local parlance, track has been cleared for gouti to run.