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posted 24 Apr 2019, 14:43 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 24 Apr 2019, 14:48 ]
I was thinking of the significance of Good Friday to Christians and to Donald Trump. First to the Christians, of whom I shall speak with more respect than Sat Maharaj, that eminent publicist and spokesperson, does of/to Tobagonians and school principals with high panty waists.

According to my research, Good Friday marks the day Jesus was crucified to “save us all from sin.” There was no Pratt and Morgan then to give him a 5 year reprieve or anti gang legislation to enable them to hold him/Him without bail. So, over his wife's supplications, Pontius Pilate signed on the dotted line for the crucifixion. Pilate's wife was the Leila Ramdeen of that era. She pleaded for the stay of execution, according to reports, but it was of no avail.

It's just that one finds it interesting to call the day one's CEO is crucified a Good Friday. Easter I can understand as a day of rejoicing, but the Friday, when according to the hymn, 'he hung and suffered there'. Check the hymn. ”There's a green hill far away/ without a city wall” in the Anglican hymn book. Yes I did go to church, was confirmed and attended mass at times, before I fell in with the wrong crowd. They know who they are.

But give the Christians their due. Their CEO has been dead for 2019 years; their logo is a corpse hanging on a cross in a loin cloth but they can still mobilise global funding to re-build the Notre Dame church in Paris. God knows how many churches, mosques and temples the French ruling class has destroyed in places like Libya, Cote D’Ivoire, Algeria, Mali and Haiti, then and now.

What does all this have to do with Donald who is now so 'Trump-hant' with the findings of the Mueller report? I am thinking that Donald must be most thankful that the report came out before Good Friday. Had it not, the liberal establishment who feels that Donald is an interloper, would probably have tried to tell us that Donald had something to with the crucifixion.

They would have, I am convinced, tried to hang the crucifixion on him. They would have said that Pontius Pilate was appointed to the Roman consulate in Palestine by Donald in a previous life. They are desperate, folks, really desperate. This failed attempt to "Russify" him has created a blow back that could win him a second term. Not that it matters. One /two/three terms of him or anyone else changes little

By the way, Oliver Stone has an interesting take on President Trump. He believes that George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama cleared the way for Donald Trump. Stone says that George Bush committed war crimes and walked free. Clinton was morally defective and brazened his way out of impeachment in the face of clear, strong evidence. Obama did not punish anyone for 2008 financial scandals and pursued/initiated wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Stone suggests that someone with Trump's ethics and values would be increasingly optimistic about winning the White House after viewing such behaviours.

But back to our local homey, Sat the Chat. Here is a religious leader in the twilight of his religio/political career still able to push the buttons of his twins on the other side. Sat makes some carefully timed, well worded ugly remarks, a la Vernella Toppin and ...voila...he is all over the media again.

Why are some behaving as if they are meeting or hearing Sat for the first time, I do not know. Sat is the late Morgan Job in a kurta. He knows he no longer commands votes on the basis of religious loyalty, but knows he can provoke ire and create mischief, which to his endless glee, he is doing.

I, sometimes, wonder whether Sat is not a closet PNM agent, assigned to provoke the sycophantic faithful to circle the wagons in the face of increasingly hard to defend government policies and actions. When in trouble appeal to hair texture and skin colour. Aah well, it is an old playbook, which we pretend to read for the first time every five years!

And what of the local “progressive” labour movement? It has really become more MSJ than JTUM. It is clear that the present leadership has thrown in the towel along with their napkins from the Hyatt and the Normandie where they were seduced and screwed.

May Day is around the corner and June 19th follows 7 weeks later. Maybe they could send out a Mayday signal to their membership? What would those events be like? Maybe MSJ will mobilise more members than they do.