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posted 30 Sept 2016, 11:22 by Gerry Kangalee
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Even as I looked, or attempted to look, at the technically faulty response by the head of State, I was hard pressed to sit still with what's left of my hair (Sorry Rhoda, someone else will have to run with the baton), now I know this slug fest or is it wine fest between Palo Seco and Tobago has just begun and the final solution lies with Buxo Potts . 

And like you I am mindful of what impact this looming toe to toe will have on the national liquor bill. It is not like workers who will drink some infinitely cheaper, uncrested boisbache or beers. We talking about 'champagne versus whiskey'. Weed still illegal; though healthier, cheaper and cost effective.

For me the salient point, the core issue is ''Why, when it is okay to employ friends and family, Martin Daly was chosen over Martin George? They are both competent lawyers with established practices. In Tobago "all ah we is one family'' so how could we leave out Martin G. and favour Martin D? Now I have on more than one occasion travelled overseas to Tobago and I know the family system in Tobago is still very strong. Is it that Martin G. is not from Mason Hall? Is it that Martin D. has some ancestral Tobago roots which the Minister of National Security will now identify?

I also wondered why neither the Prime Minister nor the President sought the assistance of Marlene Mc Donald on the matter of housing. What will happen when Rhoda or Kirk finds this out and it goes viral? The JTUM? Heh...heh...heh!

Where's Buxo in all this? If this continues to drag out we know the impact it will have on the national winery...oops...treasury. Remember these leaders and some trade union leaders are entitled to a certain lifestyle regardless of what is owed to workers and for how long. I am suggesting that these gentlemen get into a boxing ring and "Duke'' this out as soon as possible. Don't dawdle a la FACTA which is about to become a non-starter!

Venue? Botanic Gardens! Choose your seconds and handlers from within or without your in laws. You can put any crest you want on your gloves or cape and they say Patrick had hubris. Odds? They would favour Mason Hall at the moment since Claude Noel our first world boxing champion was from Tobago and the Prime Minister, according to reports, greets some visitors bareback, so he is already dressed for the bout. He is a geologist by training so he might just be really Rocky

Palo Seco, on the other hand, likes the sea side and Store Bay although I do not know if they will let him train there...Mr. London? But he might have the swimmer's edge re stamina. Referee? All yuh help me here