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GANJA PHARMA by Rae Samuel

posted 18 Mar 2014, 21:47 by Gerry Kangalee
Seems that the Police Commissioner may not only be acting but acting in bad faith? How could the police go to Biche, less than a week after our Prime Minister goes to St. Vincent to discuss the possibility of legalising 'medicinal marijuana'', how could they go to the area and destroy a 'pharmacy of the future?" That is like setting fire to the four comers of a SuperPhram outlet while it was under construction.

Do not be surprised if in years to come, when ganja is fully, as is inevitable, decriminalised and used as the 'healing of the nation', these police officers are charged with 'crimes against humanity' as happens with the ex- generals and ex-presidents of military juntas.

Now I know we have seen a pharmaceutical warehouse go up in smoke before. A few years ago there was one at Bryden’s but there was no ganja stored on the compound, as far as we knew/know. And for a group who state that they want closer relationships with the communities at large the police do some strange things. Very often one reads/hears: " Tom/Dick/Harrilal died in a shoot out with the police in an exchange of gunfire...he was well known to the Police.”  

Well known to the Police? Do they go around shooting their friends? Is befriending the Police likely to put you in their line of fire? Is it safer NOT to be well known to them? Well then, why the outreach programmes such as town meetings and youth clubs, if people we know well are going to shoot us?

So there was the picture of the police carrying the bundles of weed to a place to be burnt. God knows how many police officers, who may have been otherwise deployed, spent the day/s cutting, bundling and transporting the herb to a ganja land fill to be burnt. Why not burn it right there? There are no residences nearby. Lean To’s and tents do not count since TTEC will not give them connections. Nor are other produce destroyed since the farmers do not intercrop. Ganja farmers will not picket Parliament.

So where does this cloud of 'goat sh...' as our Jamaican cousins affectionately and reverently sometimes call 'erb; where does this cloud of sensimilla go? Did the missing Malaysian airplane pass through Biche and join Jesus who himself ascended on a cloud? How come we do not see or hear of parakeets, doves, macaws and vieux mals (cobos maybe), hurtling through the skies, bouncing up branches or just falling to the ground, whistling, cawing or cooing "Red light District?" Where did they burn the 7500 fully grown ganja trees?

Me:I would have burnt them near one of the crime hot spots since ganja reportedly makes you sleepy, then hungry or in the case of Bill Clinton: horny. Unlike what happened with the fire that occurred in the Beetham land fill recently, not as many citizens would have complained about the smoke.

Okay. Maybe an archbishop or two. How many do we have anyway? Far less 'wining' would have occurred in the streets to distress the goodly religious leader who was much less voluble on the United Nations' report on how a certain church continues not to address institutionalised paedophilia within its ranks. Far less dust masks would have been sold. No one would have been driving home drunk because of the cloud. Quite a few may have parked their cars and attempted to fly.

The newspaper report quoted the Police saying that 7400 trees, at a street value of $7 500 000 were destroyed. Which means each tree was valued at around $10 400…talk about high grade! Now while this may sound as if the calculations were done while 'the healing of the nation’ was well alight, let us remember we are dealing with capitalism. The continued destruction of these pharmacies diminishes supply and the stock market of herb would have received a boost. Remember 'confidence' is what drives the hustlers/investors on the stock market.