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posted 9 Nov 2011, 10:05 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 9 Nov 2011, 10:05 ]
Comrade Frank Sears, President of the National Workers’ Union (NWU), is a veteran of the labour movement. Since 1964 as an employee at the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery, he came through the ranks of the OWTU to become the first and only full time Safety Officer of the OWTU and by extension the movement in the late seventies.
During the latter part of his career he championed the Social Wage concept formulated by the OWTU in the 1980s. Before retiring he was an organiser with Comrade Winston ‘Man Man’ Edward for the OWTU.

The budget presentation is the one major indicator as to the social and cultural values of the present administration. 
 No other proclamation, made by a senior minister of Government, already vetted in principle by the Cabinet, can indelibly posit the ruling party to the population at large as the annual Budget read by the Minister of Finance. 

 Better than media releases; much better than a speech to the party faithful and far better than any resolution at the U. N. Assembly – the budget trumps them all because it lays bare the inner workings of the regime in office.

It is from this point, the philosophical underpinnings of this two and three-quarter hour speech that I take my cue.

If you don’t solve or cannot resolve the vagrancy problem; if you cannot or will not punish the contemptuous, high financiers for wrongdoing; if you cannot or don’t want to eradicate the scourge of drugs within our territorial borders and its consequent profusion of guns; then ipso facto you are not fit, as a group, to lead our people most of whom are in bondage.

Therefore, what do I do, as a citizen of the world who has seen the contradictions permeating the industrial, capitalist world where the rich get obscenely richer untrammeled by policy decisions or moral values. I make bold to say ‘the system’ cannot deliver goods and services to all. When capital rules, the social order fractures and the devil take the hind-most.

In other words, the laws, modes of conduct and culture lead toward the undying pursuit of money by any means possible and when an individual or group bends the rules in pursuit of wealth they are seen as legitimate, successful icons of the society.

But I am in a bind because the working class needs a way out. The iron grip to our problem is that those who are in a leadership position in the labour movement are just as guilty, just as nefarious, just as moribund as their counterparts in the corporate and government structures.

So we have to plough through various experiments and experiences to foster a more egalitarian society. We have to promote revenue streams that stem from cooperative values; that do not treat people as cogs in the wheels of fortune for the few.

I am saying that the task before us is simple, profound and difficult. The task before us needs personal and group discipline, honesty and creativity. We have to virtually remake our society from the ground up. The first step in this new epoch is to harness the youth by information, communication and belief in their potential.

No information… no Youth. No Youth…no future!