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posted 17 Nov 2016, 08:36 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 17 Nov 2016, 08:38 ]
"Tell your mammy
Tell your pa
Gonna send you back to Arkansas”

Ray Charles/ What'd I say'

Seems that some are upset about The Donald's proposed wall between Mexico and Texas, which is really a wall inside a house. Remember the Alamo! The Donald is an honest man, elected in accordance with the rules and laws of the country. He was not an independent like Ralph Nader or Ross Perot. The President in waiting, in accordance with established norms, was chosen as a Republican candidate. So the electors knew who and what he is /was.

This is not the Rio Olympics where the USA 4x100m women's team grabbed the IAAF by its gnarled throat and got a re-run of the event, eventually going on to win the gold, by any means necessary. Kind of hard to re-run a U.S. presidential election regardless of whom Hilary blames! MSJ take note if you lose in the upcoming local government elections.

Folks, these are America's foreign chickens coming home to roost. Yes 'foreign chickens'. Whenever, wherever the U.S government and its European allies have seen a people exercise the right to choose a leader who is not pro American, who is an ardent nationalist or anti-capitalist, the same process occurring in California and New York is initiated except the methods are waaaay far direct and brutal.

Please note that there are no demonstrations reported against the occupation of Palestinian land by these folk who now 'fear fascism'. Fascism abroad is one thing; fascism at home quite another!

Let's see: Guyana with Cheddi Jagan in 1953 and 1962-63; Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala in1954; Patrice Lumumba in the Congo 1961; Diem in Vietnam in 1963; Juan Bosch in the Dominican Republic in 1963-65; Kwame Nkrumah 1966; Allende in 1973; Algeria in 2003 against an Islamic government; Hamas duly elected in Palestine since 2007; Haiti to remove Aristide; Venezuela against Chavez; Libya and Honduras…right Hillary?

Seems that these demonstrators could work for the Secretary of State anywhere in the world. Is this not the same type of disregard for 'law and order' when your puppet candidate does not win. Imagine various sections of the media are suggesting impeachment.

Where will this end? The demonstrations are to let off steam at best. One cannot reverse the outcome of an open election conducted in accordance with ‘best American practice’ or can one? Regardless of whom Hillary blames America is not about to have a political Queendom like Germany or England.

One can empathise with her, believing she was on the cusp of history, about to take “feminist” politics to its highest expression. But here comes The Donald, the ultimate political pimp, to send her back to the streets. Even his 'do-rag' and 'conk' are phony. Tsk. Tsk, as the British would say, Hilary has truly 'lost her rag'.

The Donald will soon be consumed managing an empire in free fall at home and abroad. There are conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuela to deal with, NATO and the Europeans, China, Russia, North Korea; none of which The Donald created but he is the new fascist on the block and he has to deal or be dealt with. The Nobel Peace prize winner holds the record for drone strikes, let us recall. It reminds one of a comment made about Adolf Schicklgruber/Hitler who, let us not forget, was duly elected to office.

Hitler’s biggest error they say was not political or military but rather cultural. He brought long established practices of enslavement, genocide, annexation and racism home to Europe. Someone failed to point out that his enemies had long institutionalised these norms of Western civilisation, in Africa, in India, in the Caribbean. In essence President soon to be The Donald, is not supposed to say these things, at least not for political opponents to hear.

At least he will stay out of Arkansas. That's where Billary come from: 'Tell your mama…tell your pa.”