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posted 11 Jun 2015, 12:22 by Gerry Kangalee
The sinister plot being managed and directed by Bhoe Tewarie, Danny Solomon and Dr. Allan Bachan to remove all farmers from their Guave Road farms and obliterate all evidence of their existence and farming activities on the Guave Road lands continues to unfold. Unfortunately in their sinister plot they did not factor in the power of photography and the challenge this alone can present to the millions of dollars they have spent to fabricate and propagate their litany of lies and deception so as to conceal their sinister ulterior motives.

Quite ironically through, their propaganda financed by public funds, they told the public that at Guave Road there were neither farmers nor farming. Now they have to publicly admit that they lied and indeed also spend a lot of time and money fighting the manifestation of a truth which they all lied about - and the fight has only just begun. They shot their credibility at inception but they are now so steeped in blood that to return to truth for them would be as tedious as to go on with their lies (to paraphrase the tragic Macbeth).

On the 6th May 2015 - i.e. the day of the March to Chaguaramas, a fire razed the Guave Road farmlands and destroyed much of the farmers’ crops there. As has been recorded over the last two years or so – on the instructions of Tewarie and Solomon the farmers have been harassed, assaulted and arrested for being on their lands so a lot of their farms had become overgrown somewhat with vegetation - and the CDA saw opportunity in this to further their Plan and wreak havoc by way of a fire.

The evidence shows that the fire first started from inside Guave Road. No farmers were there at the time or even before because they were all under threat of arrest and assault from the CDA if found on the land and also were preparing for the March and/or on the March on the very day the fire started.

Around the same time another fire razed the lands on the western side of the Macqueripe Road which is the last available large expanse of land in Chaguaramas. This area is earmarked for development by parties selected by Tewarie and Solomon. It was very strange that this fire - the first of its kind I have seen devastate that area to the extent it has in forty years, was able to do the damage it has.

It is also a coincidence that these two areas were the ones most devastated by fire and I wait to see what the CDA does with these lands. We are currently in discussions with the Fire Service to verify what we suspect - that neither fire was started by accident.

I am reminded of a fire which also started in the Guave triangle during the previous dry season which destroyed a lot of farmers’ crops and swept up the hill to the North of Guave Road. In effect the fire started in the Guave Triangle and not on the hill which is where fires normally start.

This fact coupled with the report from witnesses doing fire watch duties on the hill between Carenage and Chaguaramas that they saw a CDA vehicle leaving the Guave Road area just before the fire started tells a story. Also evidence on the ground suggests that the fire spread from several smaller ones which began/were started at specific locations on the Western side of Guave Road with the clear intention to have the fire spread westwards across the main expanse of the Guave triangle.
Subsequent to the fires of the 6th May 2015 several acts of destruction to farmers’ crops and farms have been taking place. One of the major ones took place on Indian Arrival Day 30th May 2015, and literally wiped out a farm owned by one of the Farmers. There is now no evidence of there being a farm at the location but we of course have photographs of her farm before and after it was wiped out by Tewarie and Solomon. Crops belonging to several other farmers were also destroyed during their assault.

Repeated acts of destruction have taken place since then with an ongoing blitz starting on Thursday 4th June 2015 and continuing as I write this on the 9th June. These acts are being done by a Firm called Kanhai we are/were told which owns several agricultural tractors. We have extensive photography of the faces of the men and the tractors - and of these men loading up and carrying away truckloads of farmers’ crops in acts of open praedial larceny.

On 9th June 2015 we followed one of their trucks carrying the tractor from Chaguaramas to St Helena. Interestingly the truck delivered the agricultural tractor to a yard less than 400 metres from KallCo’s yard in St Helena.

Needless to say we have good quality photographs of the yard, its surroundings and several persons on the compound. The pictures now form part of the many thousands we have on this saga that will ignominiously immortalise Tewarie and Solomon when we compile and publish the story of how Chaguaramas was stolen.

What we also saw on the way to and from KallCo were scores of white or off white trucks heading for KallCo’s yard in St. Helena. None of them carried the sign or name of the owner but they all headed for the KallCo compound. KallCo is doing most of the work in Chaguaramas and many others around the country but seldom will one see a truck or piece of heavy equipment carrying its name.

Praedial larceny of their crops has always been part of the combined activities being carried out by Tewarie and Danny Solomon against the farmers. These crimes have been regularly reported to the Police in Carenage but no action has ever been taken by Inspector Hospedales, Corporal Patino or others in Carenage because their friends and colleagues within the CDA Security are usually on the spot protecting and supporting those carrying out the larceny and destruction - and of course personally benefitting from the proceeds. Most of what is written here can be corroborated by photography and other evidence in our possession.

The effect of the recent acts of destruction by Tewarie and Solomon can be seen as one drives along the western main road opposite to the boardwalk. Only trees have been left standing and this destruction extends far into the Guave Road Wetlands. Not only the farmers’ crops but the flora and fauna have been decimated by Tewarie and Solomon with the approval and support of Dr Allan Bachan of the EMA. There is now no need for the “No Hunting” signs put up by the CDA.

Added to the larceny of crops and all the other crimes against the farmers is the loading up and removal of valuable top soil from the land which is clearly being taken away to be sold for profit or taken to destinations instructed on by those in the CDA and the Ministry.

The CDA and the Ministry are, I expect, acting on advice from their Attorneys (besides Danny Solomon who himself is one) and that also tells a story of what Attorneys really do. This will also become clear when the farmers win their case and it is proven that the advice of Attorneys to Tewarie and Solomon – and indeed from all Attorneys to clients who are in the business of wrongdoing/crime, is really about how to plan and do this best.