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posted 19 May 2017, 19:05 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 19 May 2017, 19:06 ]
Whenever Attorneys enter a public discussion I am reminded that the most expensive and monumental buildings in any society are those constructed to facilitate and encourage “quarrelling” and grandstanding by Attorneys in their display of ego and self importance which is supposed to translate into Justice for citizens – and I include parliamentary buildings among these.

Image result for hall of justice trinidadIn my opinion their “quarrelling” and grandstanding should be confined to those places and not be conducted in public places where citizens are looking for practical and urgent relief from their daily challenges.

The quarrelling going on over the Marcia Ayres Caesar and Chief Justice matter involves largely Attorneys – and it is all carried out from a Legal perspective – with no concern as to how and whether their quarrelling will ensure justice will be delivered to the public on time and at a cost they can afford. At the root of all they are saying will be found a mix of sentiments including race and life style preferences – all “fig leafed” and obfuscated by meaningless rationalisations.

The many problems with our Legal and Judicial Institutions (JLI) and every other institution in the country cannot be solved by the same persons who created the problems – which is what we are hoping and expecting will take place.

Attorneys occupy all top and even middle level positions in the JLI and indeed most of our Institutions and the hierarchical structure of the profession requires them to first protect and serve the interest of the profession (even while appearing to do otherwise) – and to take the lead in doing so from the select group who adorn themselves in local stuff they call silk and who – in further emulation of our colonial masters, ape the affected speaking style of the British better than the British themselves (even while using green verbs) – all while claiming support for a CCJ as independence from the same colonials they ape.

The CJ and others made a blunder - as is the norm for every public official, every hour, in every public institution (just look at the attempt to roll out the Property Tax). The CJ’s attempt was admittedly done reluctantly and belatedly but it was a rare occurrence among public officials (including those in Cabinet) to see the CJ and others eventually admit to their bungling…and even try to mitigate the impact of it on citizens. If most Lawyers were to be imprisoned for their mistakes and/or bad advice they would all be deservedly in prison.

The CJ has done this while those neo-colonials in imitation home spun silk have argued for him to resign or - for all kinds of reasons over which the “home spun silks” cannot themselves agree, to not take the corrective action he decided to take.

The latter is one of ensuring that Marcia Ayers Caesar return to her position in the magistracy where she is made to focus on completing all her outstanding Matters. Hopefully that should clear the way for her to be elevated to the High Court – if the local silks do not introduce another issue to “fig leaf” their hidden agenda. Any rule or practice preventing the aforementioned from being effected is for the obedience of fools.

Having said that I think the CJ has been allowed more than his share of permissible blunders and continues to exhibit worsening symptoms of excessive hubris…and “unresponsibility” relative to what is taking place within the sphere of influence covered by his office.

If he does not deal with these flaws in his character and engage the public in aggressively effecting change in the disaster area of Legal and Judicial affairs, the cabal in opposition to him will – even though they personally and collectively lack the moral authority to do so, have good reason to call for his removal - and that will put the final nail in the coffin of the Legal and Judicial arm of the State.

He is the last bastion of hope because the Law Association and its succession of Presidents have failed in their constitutional privilege which requires them to, inter alia, protect citizens from the greed and corrupt practices of their members…..and their members are all Attorneys at Law.