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posted 28 Sept 2016, 18:33 by Gerry Kangalee
FATCA is fat cat noise. It is a storm in a thimble designed to obscure the true nature of our plight. The parliamentary theater is spectacular and both sides know their roles. Our plight is that we are broke and we cleave to the same formulas that got us here and we will dig an even deeper hole for us.

Our plight is that there is no moral authority in Parliament. Our plight is that the economy is based on export of wealth and import of necessities called 'food'. The truth is that we have hemorrhaged our energy under less than desirable circumstances. The gains have been squandered and the waters poisoned.

The central bank holds an open door to fatcats who on a rolling basis convert local currency into foreign currency - thus hemorrhaging our wealth while the small man has to wait in line to get a $US 200. A tiny minority has become grossly wealthy paying producers in other economies for their goods, at our expense. This rolling export of wealth is subsidized by extraction of the fossils below.

The game is up now and hence Fatcat theater making headlines. But guess what? The average Josingh is not listening anymore. He has already concluded that the head is rotten so there is no need to hide it any more. There is no need for Fatcat theater. In other words let the Fatcats FATCA in private, and spare us the noise.

The storm is here now and we must collectively rely on what is left of the public's "humanity" after years of abuse by colluding 'parties' playing games in a revolving door of incumbent and opposition. It is the "same khaki pants" syndrome, where both sides eventually unite against the public interest since they both by now serve the same special interests. Parliament serves power not people. This is why the Fatcats are hiding behind FATCA headlines.