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posted 2 Nov 2015, 18:39 by Gerry Kangalee
It must be a special skill: this ability to bend and twist and turn to get on Board. One of the latest appointments to a State board/committee brings this to mind. Imagine being unjustly arrested and charged outside the Parliament in 2009, then working to remove PNM from office.

You and your partners fall out halfway into their term of office and you are left high and dry as the ship sails on without you. In fact you remain with what is essentially your own personal political lifeboat which, occasionally on a morning, pops up on the media horizon as a 'filler' really, in case a real guest might prove hard to come by or Jack is busy bringing light and Sunshine into our lives.

Then you ally with your former prosecutors to help sink the ship you once proudly sailed on and believe it or not you are appointed to an economic advisory State board. Cometh the 2nd republic or all that talk done now? Some of us might even ponder that there are $15m. worth of reasons why this move was made especially if you are not in a position to access any of it. It's like having 4 numbers in a winning 5 number lotto draw.

The only thing to top that I guess is Jesus having risen from the dead on the 3rd day heading for the Roman embassy in Palestine and seeking citizenship. Even He was not so forgiving, rather He kept warning that Babylon would fall and given what is transpiring today in our country politically, economically and socially it would be hard to argue with the Messiah who might truly fear that they find him in a car trunk if He comes this way again.

Why comment on this? As George Jackson wrote "The sh.. that they fling around must be counterpoised or some of it will fall on us.'' There are many who in the face of overwhelming odds are trying to re-build the working class movement. 

The battle against contract labour, mindless consumerism, increasing inflation, incomprehensible child abuse and national bullying by state institutions is far from won. In the midst of this one sees another instance of a 'leader' privileging the personal over the collective. 

 who are new, uninitiated or have not the inclination to study but rather have come to accept the messages and interpretations of the ruling class media may be inclined to think that struggle is futile, sacrifice is pointless and change unlikely when 'leaders' behave like this. After loudly sucking their teeth they utter "All ah all yuh is the same thing. Me ent want to hear nothing about politics and struggle."

Is it a daunting task? Yes! Is it a losing battle? No! In the spirit of the National Insurance Board workers who have twice taken to the streets since the elections, the OAS workers engaged in the Highway project, the Tobago contract teachers facing the THA, the courageous workers in the Health sector, the Guave Road farmers in Chaguaramas struggling to keep their land, the Charlotteville community refuting 'resort tourism'…the fight has to go on.

The hour is dark. We know not when cometh the hour of the dawn. But to surrender, to become a "Roman citizen'' and join the Board should not be an option.