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posted 16 Sept 2015, 20:29 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 16 Sept 2015, 20:33 ]

Funny thing about the new PNM administration is how quietly they seem to have settled down or how quickly attention seemed to have turned elsewhere; as if persons are not expecting too much too soon. History is a wise teacher seems to be the national watchword these days. Do we imagine that we can hold them to anything? 

But otherwise it seems to be business as usual on all too many fronts. The roads continue to be needlessly and hopelessly overcrowded. I have developed a theory that our roads are littered not overcrowded. What is the difference? One can manage overcrowding by using space in different ways or removing items. Litter is a condition of being overtaken by too large a volume that has become unmanageable.

Crime, led by homicide, is no longer a lead story, unless it is a 13 year old on the way home from school or a 19 year old out in the street in a non 'hot-spot' area. But we have to secure our borders not our streets or homes. That is why another Brigadier is now the Minister of National Security. The military from the late Colonel Joseph Theodore through John Sandy, Carl Alfonso to newly crowned Edmund Dillon will make feel us safe. Was going to say yeah right!... but then it’s a step up on Black Boat Chin Lee… or is it?

One of the greatest ironies in our approach to the homicide epidemic is how blasé those in and those recently out of power have become. If this number of people were dying from cholera, AIDS or food poisoning there would be an adequate response. But apparently gunshots are more acceptable than viruses.Who told you to 'screw' naked and unprotected rather than find yourself in 'the wrong place at the wrong time'. We would have forgiven and forgotten you for the latter or to ply your P.H taxi in an effort to stave off the austerity that is already here for so many working people?

Will there be a political honeymoon? Seems unlikely. The old issues that characterise the social order remain and the vanguard of the new politics is the same old veteran political clique. Youth and the new found eloquent Tobagonian 'breath of fresh air’? Well the poor dear has already been laid to rest in a Ministry. How much weight does a nephew or niece have in a house full of aunties anyway?

Summary? Those of us who can must hold our position that the election ritual is a struggle between contenders for office and the opportunity to manage power on behalf of the ruling class. It is our day to day fight in this class struggle that will keep us from going further under in these conditions.