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posted 9 Jun 2020, 16:30 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 9 Jun 2020, 16:56 ]
“History repeats itself. The first time as tragedy the second time as farce.” 
(Karl Marx)

Burton Sankeralli
Back in the first half of the twentieth century as he sought to consolidate power and secure the allegiance of certain centres in Germany (including sections of the military), Adolf Hitler found that he had a problem.

You see, old Adolf had enthusiastic support among the youth and there was this little section going around in neat little brown shirts seeing to it that the agenda of “National Socialism” was being implemented on the ground. This they went about with great fervour (euphemism intended).

But as we said, Hitler is now seeking more formalized political authority with all the trappings this entails. Thus such enthusiastic fervent youthful thuggery was no longer appropriate.

But what is to be done? These youths so full of energy; ready to serve and implement cannot be expected to cease and desist. What do you want them to do: kick back, lime, drink beer, and run woman? There they were on the streets doing what they do best.

But as the historical record shows Adolf had a talent for final solutions. And on a fateful evening, daggers drawn, Hitler removed his enemies; among them even supporters who had grown obsolete and needing to be disposed of. The still required dirty work can easily be handled by other agencies…state bureaucracy… military…Gestapo…SS etc. etc.

Memphis, Tennessee sanitation workers strike. 1968
It does appear that we are at a similar juncture in the history of the present empire. These red necks and their Ku Klux Klan Police are an embarrassment, dinosaurs that simply do not belong in an age of a kinder, gentler, more Liberal White Supremacy. So like Adolf the present system has to consolidate.

What leads to this? Well, not only is such brutish violence no longer acceptable to white liberal sensibility; not only is the old racist crap seen as just that by the present generation cutting across lines of race. But there are other pressing considerations.

One is a very important statistic that by the end of this century Whites will be a numerical minority in the US. So it is becoming important that a rising upwardly mobile elite of those once seen as less than white now internalize a functional White consciousness and join the team. This is actually an old colonial trick of the Spanish and Portuguese in our hemisphere (but I digress).

Even more urgent is that American global hegemony is facing collapse. The writing was already on the wall with the rise of the economic powers of Asia. And now this COVID fiasco presided over by a bumbling moron of a President – I knew it was good idea for us to put him in power; he is out-performing and exceeding expectations – has underlined the fast approaching abyss. Long story short - the Empire needs all hands on deck and African Americans need to be corralled. Put them in the old social Liberal Political Democrat Party ship.

Yes, we can manners the brown shirt…sorry…blue shirt police…Yes, we can make some economic concessions once there are enough poor people left in the System to keep the cogs turning.

And you know which system I am talking about. The patriarchal-bureaucratic-individualist -techno-capitalist-globalist system. The military-industrial complex and its imperialist genocidal foreign policy. The systemic rape and plunder of Mother Earth. The entire religious-cultural cosmology that has been imposed on us natives (that curiously enough we don’t get to vote on). And speaking of voting: the individual based system of liberal democracy (that is destroying our own society right here); this with the corporate liberal media - the smiling faces of the New Supremacy.

Yeah that system! The nuts and bolts of White Supremacy. Let’s just call it – Western civilization.

This social movement is rooted in the great Civil Rights and Black Power Movement of the 1960s and we well know the tragedy of what befell some of its great leaders. Since then a great deal of this has been domesticated by the Regime. A great number of its supposed leaders happily vote Democrat. (Elsewhere I referred to this as “black slaves matter” but I won’t go there now).

And I note with alarm how it is precisely the White Corporate Liberal media that is framing the grand narrative of “Black Lives Matter”. And so we are seeing the most stunning pictures of this uprising; framed and cheered on by this old Yankee media itself. Even the clenched fist of Black Power has been appropriated. Amazing scenes indeed.

I do not what to be misunderstood. We must grab with both hands the positive outcomes of this movement and move forward. We must put the police in their place. And how much we need that here in Trinidad and Tobago where the Police “Force” has long been and continues to be murderous.

I also still have faith that this is a movement that will not at the end of the day be so corralled. That there are truly progressive currents and soldiers that will not submit to this new normal. But I also wish to share with my comrades of the real “left” an old story.

Once upon a time there was an old cobra who used to wait at the side of the road to frighten the school children passing by. One day a wise owl observing spoke to the cobra “Why are you doing this? You are so old you have no venom so stay in your hole”. The cobra pondered these words and followed the advice. The next day when the school children did not see the cobra they went, dug him out of his hole and killed him.

So is there any venom left?

And for the sincere well-meaning reformists around us, a word of advice – YOU CAN’T CLEAN A THING FROM ITSELF!

May you survive the night of the long knives.