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posted 18 Nov 2015, 01:47 by Gerry Kangalee
A man who shall remained unidentified because he merely killed a woman driving recklessly with his Mercedes, flees the scene and returns with his lawyer not to the accident but to the police station. (I am going by media reports here which is the worst way to go much of the time). The driver who was 'liquored' up fails a breathalyser test; seems he was really tanked; claims illness and is allowed to go to the hospital under police guard?

The obvious questions pile up. Why was not there an all points bulletin out for this driver? What tampering has gone on with the vehicle; why was this person of interest not detained pending enquiries?

Is this a case of working class lives don't matter? If the driver had beaten her in a video he would have spent time in detention but he chose another route so the kid gloves stay on. But the dots/clues point in a certain direction: 28 years old; speeding in a Merc; drunk; fleeing the scene; waking up a lawyer at 3 in the morning; appearing 'incognito' next day; media blackout.

This local Nico Rosberg will not see a day in Remand because working class lives do not matter. Rewind: big car; doubles; cutlass. This is not written as humour folks. Just pointing out the similarities! A woman is dead because someone had a bigger car than she did, was drunk and was able to flee a fatal accident and immediately set the wheels in motion for immunity. Sea Lots anyone?

Then he gets a bligh from a local newspaper whose article features 2 paragraphs about safety on the roads. The level of reporting in this instance is the same as when we are told that s prisoner turns into lunch box and walks past a station full of policemen. One wonders if a pizza motorbike was waiting to take him home. Or that 2 men of initiative 'broke and ran' from Carrera and simply disappeared. 2016 Olympics, with or without Russia, is almost here and swimmer George Bovell is aging but would they really have us believe that these trustees swam to shore. The water Taxi? Okay: am sorry; did not think of that. It is 3.30 a.m. and I am sober.