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posted 1 Oct 2019, 05:42 by Gerry Kangalee
I read our President's decree re being invited to 'her' house, paid for and maintained by the public purse and my heart sank. No, comrades, not for myself. I am accustomed to going to the stately mansion. Actually, I go past the gate to practice my photography skills. Yes, we photographers do train. I also have accompanied comrades presenting letters to the President, last time being the Steel Workers. So, I am used to stopping at the gate. Never have I been asked if I were married, single, living in sin or ''getting horn''.

My heart sank for my union President, Comrade Dave Smith and Executive comrade sister Kathleen. Their chances, individually or jointly, of ever being invited to that place were already slim and none. With this decree these chances have gone further south.

Alas history is on the 'glorified office holder's side’ as one talk show hosts always called her. Hold your ''seditious'' horses. I am not bringing Her "majesty '' into disrepute. Yes, certain leaders on the J.T.U.M never embraced us. We were getting the 'Burkee/Marlene' treatment long before it was fashionable. We never sat at the Round Table or Hyatt or Balisier House either. So, we bought our own, which we occasionally share with comrades from other unions. providing tea, coffee and 'crackers'.

A query, dear reader. If a comrade of the Moslem faith visits the first time with one wife and brings another along on a subsequent occasion, will he be hit with a "fatwah?"

One notes though that the President subsequently visited an ailing nun to present her with a merit award. We assume she, the President, was on safe moral ground. A nun is not likely to raise Presidential moral hackles. Some of the nun's “brothers”, maybe, with their well-documented travesties against children.

Where does a lifelong spinster come off passing judgement on the martial status of couples? It is like the members of the clergy, sworn to celibacy, giving marriage counselling. Does your dentist prescribe optical lenses? What would she have done if Buzz Butler or Joe Young, legendary hedonists, were alive and had to receive awards? Would she have sent them by FedEx, DHL or Pizza delivery? Joe probably would not have been invited, having already turned down the national award. Folklore is that Buzz would probably have pushed a move.

This President seems to live in a bubble of tea parties and musically correct national anthems. One recalls that upon entering office she called on workers to do more, even though wage negotiations on average are 5 to 7 years outstanding.

Unlike her predecessors, the Chief Justice and the Prime Minister, these workers she exhorted to wuk till dey drop are not going home upon retirement with full salaries and attendant benefits. She does not have to worry about NIS not being forwarded or banks threatening to foreclose on loans or wondering if they would have a job tomorrow. Our taxes underwrite all her expenses. Unlike Black Stalin's sufferers she does not have to worry 'where the next meal comin' from'.