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posted 27 Mar 2018, 16:37 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 27 Mar 2018, 16:39 ]
As my brother lay dying my heart is shot into panic! My mind is searching……my soul is yearning….my entire vibrational frequency is changing….

As my brother lay dying panic swells in my heart as my own mortality confronts me. If this pillar of strength and ase/power can crumble so swiftly. If this being of clear thought and decisive action could become limited to simple small muscle movements and is now drifting unsteadily between the realms. If the voice of my brother which was a powerful call to order continues to be withheld by this newly emerging entity that bears only the faintest resemblance to the man that was/is my brother……

As my brother lay dying my mind is searching……to make sense of what is happening. There MUST be a reason. There HAS to be….

As my brother lay dying my consciousness is prodded and an awareness suddenly surfaces. The reason for my brother’s life and/or death is not for me to know. His arrangement/pact/agreement with Olodumare was made before he entered this world and is therefore private to them.

As my brother lay dying my soul is yearning to connect with his soul simply to communicate, “I am here for you bro”. In that moment of strengthened spiritual connection I instinctively knew what was required. This was no time to allow myself to be swept away by unhelpful emotions. They would have to wait. My brother was now weak and I was the strong one. I proceeded to do what I knew he would without the blink of an eye were the situation reversed. The bond created among persons via ritual experience is as strong and sometimes more so than the genetic binds.

I had to be the bridge. I needed to hold the light for him. I leaned close to his ear and spoke to him in words that I knew his Ori (higher self) would hear and understand. I sang to him, caressed his forehead and massaged his hand that was already cold as death slowly and steadily inched its way in.

As my brother lay dying and with my vibrational frequency lifting to light his way; suddenly the sobering reality steadied me. There is no Death – only life. Life in varying forms. My brother’s transition was only taking him on to another plane of existence.

As my brother lay in transition I spoke to him of this reality while I held him in all the light and warmth that I could. My brother is eternally alive! His preparation to transition this life caused me to search the depths of my being to reconnect with and strengthen my own light-bearing capacity for the sole purpose of helping another.

Therefore I conclude that Death/Transition is Good For The Soul. The one who departs is freed to a new realm of being and the ones left behind – if they are open to understanding – would have grown through the experience.

Safe journey my brother. Your light will continue to shine.

Ase, ase, ase…….