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posted 19 Sept 2012, 16:22 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 19 Sept 2012, 16:24 ]
Dear Madame,

It is with the greatest respect that I am writing to you this morning. First, permit me to express my apologies for my colleagues: they are extremely lazy and out of place and that is unfortunate. I am so sorry that they place so little value on our children's education. How dare they say that health issues come before education!

 So what is a little bronchial infection from pigeon and rat droppings, it is not like we have not been doing this before for as far back as I can remember.

Madame , I understand the pressure that you and our Hon. Minister of Education undergo on a daily basis that is why I choose to ask my husband to install some shelving for my books in my classroom and to put up some additional white boards so that the children can have some place to display their work. I know that you appreciate the fact that when the ceiling fell down over my head I told the principal not to worry about it, after all the Treasury is empty and we did need to spend millions of dollars on the fireworks display for Independence! We are after all 50 years old!

I, for one, do not mind spending the little extra money to buy books for the charges under my care after all do we expect their parents to do everything?  They gave birth to them after all! Why are we so unreasonable?

Now I hearing that some teachers want food cards, well yes! Don't they know that if you freeze some of the boxes of food that the children don't want to eat...(some foolishness about it being dry and tasteless ) It can last for months. Even through the holidays. Talking about holidays, I wonder what is wrong with my teaching fraternity don't they love their country? I for one have never been to the USA or England. Don't they know they can experience these things from books?

Madame C.P.O. sometimes I am shocked and appalled that Teachers consider themselves to have sacrificed. Don't they know that a medical degree is much better than a B.Sc. or even a Masters in Ed.? Who are they trying to fool? Not me for one I know my limitations I know I am not qualified to nurture the minds of our nation's future leaders, far more to deal with minor bruise cuts and concussions! Just the other day a child came to me, his head split open and I put my hand to stop the blood. You know some person asked me where the gloves? Imagine that... gloves! They don't know we are a Primary School ! Steups, I don't know yes!

Madame C.P.O. I feel just to show those lazy teachers we (you and I) should switch positions. Just to show them how the job is supposed to be done. Or better yet our Minister if he has the time! Lord knows how busy he is with all his paper work and engagements and meetings could switch with me! I hope I could do a job calling press conferences half as well as he does.

Anyway, sorry to be a bother I hope we can chat soon. Right now i going and heat up a box lunch in the microwave. (At least T&TEC ent cut the lights as yet.) My children ungrateful yes, imagine wanting to waste good food telling me they fed up eat that! YOU BELIEVE THAT! I AM SURE YOUR CHILDREN DON'T DO THAT! They must be really well behaved! Mine always want something! Is always new shoes, or clothes or books. Is a good thing I could borrow some old text books when my students finish with them otherwise I don't know! Like these children want to kill me.
Anyway bye for now. Don't let those lazy slackers frustrate you! i know what you go through.
We shall rise once again!
Respectfully Yours,

Un Qualified, Ill but Literate Teacher