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DARKEST HOUR by Rae Samuel

posted 17 Apr 2017, 12:45 by Gerry Kangalee
If one reads the commentaries carefully these are some of the darkest times for immigrants in America as President Donald Trump seems bent on breaking Obama's benchmark for deportations. (Real news; not alternative news!). Obama's administration had the highest volume of deportations. His version of Black power one might say.

Today, under the administration of former casino pit boss, Donald, less are coming in and more are going out. These communities are apparently well defined - Iraqis, Iranians, ex Tobago footballers and Mexicans; which brings us to the West Indian community.

Image result for west indies cricket logoMy faith in their resilience, their ability to weather the storm when the 'Trump-et' sounds heralding the arrival of immigration officials; my faith has been re-affirmed by recent events in the Caribbean. In true modern day cricket tradition, our team kept the West Indian cricket flag dragging. Men over 90 can show more 'backraise' than this team of gummy bears. Can you imagine what would happen if/when men vs. women games are played?

I am suggesting any region that can endure such repeated humiliation and trauma and have it broadcast live all over some few remaining parts of the world who have any interest, have 'real belly' as we say in the Caribbean.

No shame, just belly like de Alberto sang about. The last game in Barbados lasted just a little longer than a football final with extra time and a penalty shoot-out.

But being a close observer of the shame...oops…game, as it is played by our team, I came away with positives. I am positive that we can and will do worse and our administrators will facilitate the process. I am positive that Disneyland, when it opens it own T20 league, will hire our coach and team captains as mascots. I am positive that we will pioneer the One day Test format. We will bat twice before tea, (referrals included), collapse for 143 runs and invite the opposing team to chase the score. I am certain former Leicester City boss Ancelotti and soon to be ex-Arsenal boss Wenger will be soon joining our coaching staff as cricket consultants. Why not? Can they do worse?

Oddly enough, recently I was in the library and tried to borrow "Beyond A Boundary''. Oh gosh man, not "Beyond the tape''. The former is a seminal work on cricket in West Indian culture by C.L.R James. Were he alive, his text would be filed under "Alternative news''. I could not borrow it because it is a reference book. I understand why one has to read it in the library where one has to weep silently. Out here the mental health authorities would detain you for sobbing loudly with a book in your hand. It have a God after all?

So let Donald and Myrtle (is that the US First Lady's name?) try to faze us. We have been through much worse on the cricket pitch at home and abroad. There is not a region where we have not gone in the cricket world and shown how to organise controlled collapse, and we will continue in this rich vein until finally baseball becomes our national/regional game.

P.S. If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around, does it make a noise? And if our shambolic cricket team collapses somewhere in the cricketing forest will anyone (except me) still take note?