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posted 23 Apr 2014, 12:58 by Gerry Kangalee
The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has advised all members of the Senior and Junior Staff Bargaining Unit to completely reject TSTT’s offer of voluntary separation known as VSP/EERP.

In its newsletter FORWARD dated April 22nd 2014, the union castigated TSTT management which it claims “falsely accused the Union of failing to meet and treat in good faith when all along, the Union attended all meetings called by the Company to teat with the VSP/EERP issue. We have also seen an email sent out by the company inviting Senior and Junior Staff Bargaining Workers to participate in their proposed VSP/EERP Packages.”

The newsletter further stated “The Company by letter to the Union dated April 17th 2014 indicated that they were no longer going to engage the Union and meet and treat in good faith on the VSP/EERP Issue.” And the union called “on all employees to refrain from being hoodwinked into this charade since the Union would be definitely pursuing Legal Action against the Company on this matter.

We know that they want to have workers apply and when the Union takes its legitimate action, they would turn and say that it is the Union that is preventing workers from participating in their VSP/EERP. We wish to inform you all that there is a process for the introduction of a VSP/EERP Plan and as far as we are concerned, the Company has violated this practice.

Additionally the role of the Union is to negotiate and seek the best interest of our members at all times and so it was in that regard we attempted to meaningfully engage the Company on this very serious and important matter. This latest move by the Company is an attempt to bully the Recognised Majority Union and deny you our valued members the best possible representation on a matter that could impact negatively on your economic survival and your ability to provide a secure future for your family.”

The newsletter ended: “We therefore demand that the Company immediately withdraw its letter of April 17th 2014 and refrain from inviting any Senior and Junior Staff Bargaining Unit Employee to participate in its proposed Voluntary Separation Plans. We also demand that the Company schedule a meeting on or before Thursday April 24th 2014, at a mutually agreed to venue to allow the Union the opportunity to officially respond to the key components of the Company’s proposed Voluntary Separation Plans that was submitted to the Union via letter of April 3rd 2014 and to be presented with the full Proposal of the Company’s Voluntary Separation Plans.

If the Company fails to accede to the Union’s legitimate demand, the Union would be left with no other option but to pursue this matter consistent with the provisions of the Industrial Relations Act inclusive of seeking Injunctive relief.”