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posted 5 Aug 2014, 18:20 by Gerry Kangalee
The following tribute was published in FORWARD, the bulletin of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), dated 4th August 2014.

Anthony Alexander was born on June 23, 1960. He joined the Trinidad External Telecommunication Limited (TEXTEL), in 1981. He was a Driver in the former TEXTEL Operations and was reclassified and reassigned to the Outside Plant Operations upon the advent of TSTT in 1991, which came about after TEXTEL assets were transferred into TELCO and the new entity was now called Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago, TSTT.

He was first reclassified as a Lines and Instrument Technician and then a Cable Maintenance Technician. Comrade Alexander, affectionately called “Speedy” was introduced to active service to the Communication Workers’ Union in the 1990’s by the former Secretary General, Comrade Lyle Townsend and became active in the Eastern Branch of the Union, subsequent to his reassignment and reclassification. 

As the son of another former CWU stalwart, Comrade Stafford Alexander, Comrade Speedy became actively involved in the Progressive Workers Committee, the Progressive Arm of the CWU that utilized the process of propaganda, agitation, exposure and education to unite the many to defeat the few. After being intimately involved in the activities of the Branch, Comrade Speedy became Chairman of the Militant and Progressive Eastern Branch in 2011.

In a sense this Leadership was thrust upon him. Not being one to run away from a challenge, Comrade Speedy accepted his new role and served the Branch and the Union with distinction, commitment, humility, dedication and a sense of militant gentleman-ness. 

At age fifty-four (54) Comrade Speedy earthly struggles came to an end. On August 04, 2014 Comrade Speedy departed this life to join with the likes of Comrade Lyle Townsend, his former trusted Friend and Comrade in the great Beyond. His work in reigniting the Eastern Branch is something that this Executive would always remember and cherish.

We hope that his struggles and his sacrifices for the cause of members of the Eastern Branch, members of the CWU and all working people would be used as a catalyst to spur on his Comrades of the Eastern Branch in fulfilling his dreams of a Militant, Progressive CWU, fearlessly defending and advancing the rights of Workers and the good of mankind. 
Comrade Speedy dared to struggle. He was the epitome of the Union’s motto, ‘The price of freedom is eternal struggle”. His legacy as a Branch Chairman and Activist of the CWU will live on forever as he has blazed his own trail which we all will remember and admire. For this reason he will always be remembered as a great Eastern Branch Chairman.