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posted 2 Dec 2012, 01:39 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 2 Dec 2012, 01:43 ]
The following letter was sent to Comrade Dave Smith, Secretary of the National Workers Union by the Cuban Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago

November 13"` 2012 
Comrade Dave Smith
National Workers’ Union

Esteemed Friend,

The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba expresses our sincere and genuine gratitude to the National Workers’ Union for your support at the solidarity event and fundraiser, "Freedom for the Cuban Five", which was held on Saturday 10th November 2012 at OWTU headquarters in San Fernando, organised in collaboration with the Movement for Solidarity with Cuba.
The overwhelming success of this activity was only possible with the collective support of the Movement from the very beginning. Indeed, had your initial reaction not been to absolutely and wholeheartedly embrace this initiative, our target would not have been achieved.
In addition, the statements of solidarity which expressed vociferous disgust and dissatisfaction with the wrongful imprisonment of the Cuban 5 strengthened and reinforced the message of Freedom for the Cuban Five.
The incredible financial support of this event through the purchase of tickets and at the auction remains a stellar moment in the history of solidarity with Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago.
You are and remain a vital part of the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba and your commitment is appreciated and commended. We are honoured to have the NWU as a friend. The Embassy looks forward to our continued good relations in the future.
The Embassy avails itself of this opportunity to extend to you the assurances of our highest consideration.
Humberto Rivero Rosario