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posted 23 May 2016, 13:12 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 23 May 2016, 13:13 ]
After the coup in Brazil, political factors of extreme regional right-wing Venezuelans accelerate their plans, which are currently underway as the destabilizing actions against the government of Venezuela led by Washington and accompanied by Madrid and Bogota.

The US government requests to Congress in March 2015, increased by 35% the budget allocation for use in Latin America. 2000 million dollars requested to finalize its plans this year.

From the US capital guidelines towards Spain and Colombia, those funds are issued to implement economic, media, psychological, and political operations, among others, aimed at overthrowing the Venezuelan government.

More than a hundred political operators including former presidents Alvaro Uribe (Colombia), José Maria Aznar (Spain), Luis Lacalle (Uruguay), John Negroponte, deputy secretary of state and director of national intelligence with George W Bush, and Tomas Regalado mayor of Miami who over the weekend gathered together to discuss strategies that would be implemented in Latin America, the issue of Venezuela was spoken to the fullest.

Their agenda was developed on the actions by the former presidents of Spain José Maria Aznar and Felipe González who have abundant economic resources for that purpose. Certain radical groups of the so-called Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) would take advantages to accelerate their coup plans.

It is noteworthy that “The elites are replacing military coups by parliamentary coups.” Indeed, as they did in Honduras and Paraguay and now they do in Brazil and Venezuela. It is the new continental US format and of the right-wing in the region; as happened in the past with the condor plan which used brutal repression that meant the overthrow of democratic governments, thousands of killings, disappearances, torture, to impose neoliberal policies.

The people of Venezuela have been undertaking a process of liberation in peaceful and democratic manner. The Bolivarian policy of continental unity marching, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist consciousness has been growing before this advanced imperial response to destroy President Nicolas Maduro and the revolutionary process.

The White House has described as the “daunting” situation in Venezuela and, according to AP, “The US believes that Maduro will not end its mandate. Spanish newspapers El Pais, El Mundo, La Razón and ABC launched their headlines against Bolivar’s homeland.

The media monopoly of imperialism has become a powerful weapon of war. To quote a few examples, to justify the coup against socialist Romania in 1989 they invented a false media slaughter committed by the communists in the city of Timisoara, taking bodies out of the morgue of a hospital. It was the first great deception of the contemporary era.

To justify the relentless bombing of Iraq in 1991, they invented photos of cormorants (water birds that catch fish diving underwater) allegedly drowned in Iraqi oil. To justify the bombing of Serbia in 1999 they invented a false slaughter of civilians in Kosovo who were actually terrorists to confront the police.

To justify the total invasion and destruction of what was the main Arab power, Iraq, in 2003 by the genocidal George W. Bush and his accomplices they invented the widely known lie of the false “weapons of mass destruction,” of Saddam Hussein. But, public opinion must remain deceived.

To justify the invasion and destruction in 2011 of the so-called Libyan Revolution and the assassination of its leader Muammar Gaddafi they invented false massacres of civilian opponents in Benghazi.

Now the slogan “Collapse in Venezuela” appears in all media under imperialist control not only the classic El País but even the Mexican La Jornada passing through Yahoo news and radio news France.info.

But with such difficulties, the life Venezuela goes on and belies the headlines. The State and its institutions are working, the government begins to find solutions, oil is extracted, people are sowing their fields, the rain improves the supplies, hospitals and schools remain open. Venezuela has nothing to do with Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan’s “liberation”, ie, annihilation by the West and the chaos generated by the right in Brazil, the drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia.