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Corruption…What Corruption? by Joanne Viechweg

posted 17 Sept 2017, 20:05 by Gerry Kangalee
An action can only be deemed corrupt if it occurs within a system/environment that is virtuous. We will continue to hear of the unethical behaviour of many of our politicians simply because they operate within a system that was crafted to facilitate unethical practices. It was and still is the colonial way. Those at the ‘top’ rape and plunder the resources of the land and the people over whom they govern. It is as simple as that. 

Until and unless that system of colonial rule changes, the continual interchange of red for yellow, balisier for rising sun, African for Indian would make no difference in terms of governance, behaviour in public office and/or perceptions of equal justice meted out among citizens of all strata of society.

So what do we then do, or, much better expressed in our beautiful Trinbagonian dialect “so wha we go do?” The answer lies with us - not the politicians. They are merely reflections of who we are at this stage of our development.

Can any of us truthfully state that we are so different from the Rowleys, Persad-Bissessars, Ramlogans? Their “corrupt” acts are more visible because they are public figures but are many of us not guilty of the same or similar levels of dishonesty in our day to day living? How often do we misrepresent ourselves to achieve some desired outcome? How often do we ‘borrow’ and promise to repay but never do? We must decolonise our thinking if we are to realise any significant change within the status quo.

It is unrealistic to expect the politicians to change the very system that continues to support their lavish lifestyles. The change that we seek as a nation must first originate at an individual level and then radiate among the masses. As we change and engender our youth accordingly we then will produce the type of individuals with the will to change the politics.

It will be a long journey though. The fruition of which none of us alive today is likely to witness. Our grandchildren and future generations will reap the benefits. Are we prepared to put in that work of self-analysis and self-reconstruction to really create a higher social order for the children’s sake?

Some propose that we mobilize ourselves and show our displeasure through marches, protest action or even armed rebellion. While all of those actions will effect change in the short term they are not likely to support many (or any) sustainable benefits. It would simply be putting another plaster on the sore. Isn’t it time we begin to heal the wound?

This kind of individual growth such that I am proposing is not something which can be enforced by anyone. It has to be a personal decision and/or awareness which would stem from one’s own evolutionary process. Pointing fingers is easy and we’ve learned to do that so very well. The choice is ours really; do we remain victims of the politicians and their poly-tricks or do we begin to take responsibility for our destiny. The beat goes on…..