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posted 23 Apr 2013, 11:41 by Gerry Kangalee
The resignation of Austin Jack Warner as Minister of National Security and Chairman of the United National
Congress is just one chapter in the voluminous book of political immorality in Trinbago’s politics. 
There are many more chapters to come as the political culture of our politicos has nothing to do with serving the people and everything to do with the use of political office to enrich themselves, their political financiers, their families and their friends. 
Warner’s resignation is really just ‘One Man Gone but Plenty Men and Women still dey’ to steal our national patrimony. We cut the branches but the trunk and roots are still intact and the tree of corruption will again spring up. 
So that while some of us celebrate in the name of our Party’s improved chances at the next elections and some of us mourn for nepotistic and “business” opportunities lost, we must not forget the days gone by. 
We must remember the Caura Dam, Johnny ‘O’, Prevatt, The Racing Complex, Piarco Airport, UDECOTT and many others so numerous we tend to forget. Corruption is an all-inclusive disease of our political class and their business financiers. 
You see, our politicians plunder our Treasury so often that we can’t remember all of the thievery. As a result we elect again and again the same parties backed by the same people who facilitated and benefited from the numerous acts of corruption. 
The cycle is repeated time and time again. One gone; but many others remain untouched and corrupted as ever as they recruit new political elites to their parasitic practices. They continue with business as usual. 
They view the exposure of one corrupted politico as an opportunity and a ’cleansing’ exercise and a refocus by the public away from their own corruption onto a colleague or another party. George Weekes used to say: “corruption have no party card.” 
They too shamelessly join the chorus of condemnation of those caught while they continue with their sophisticated larceny of the people’s money. They now disown Jack Warner. But, who financed their political campaigns in several elections? Did the money come from TTFF and the Soca Warriors unpaid bonuses and corporate sponsors? Did it come from the more than $100M the CONCACAF Integrity Committee said was siphoned out by Warner from football organizations he controlled? 
Did their campaign money come from the foreign sponsors with promises of World Cup games being awarded to their countries? Did they not know of all the talk going around about Warner and his suspected wheeling and dealing in FIFA and other football bodies? Did they not hear Panday the former leader of UNC accuse Warner of not accounting for political donations? 

Did Prime Minister Kamla and her UNC not know of these allegations? Were the leaders of COP, MSJ, NJAC and TOP not aware of the numerous allegations of corruption made against Warner? Were they in Trinbago or were they unaware when more tickets were sold than available seats in the World Cup game against the USA at the National Stadium? Countless accusations and allegations were made against Warner. Where were these political leaders and operatives? 
Yet this Financier and Monarch of all he surveyed became the de-facto political leader, chairman and political godfather of the Peoples Partnership Government and in true dictatorial style installed a puppet Party Leader and puppet Prime Minister. He also held several major ministerial positions and was until his resignations the Minister responsible for the Police (ironically Law and Order) and Military Affairs. 

Now these politicians of UNC, COP, MSJ and NJAC disown Warner. They have been wined and dined by Warner. They have enjoined themselves with his politics and modus operandi. They have used his money to gain political office. Now that he has been condemned a second time by an International body and had to go, they have joined the chorus of the people to rid our politics of corruption while they continue with their corrupted ways. 
Some were forced by the workers to smell the rat and left but only to save their opportunistic political ambitions. Some felt the weak leader would have acted to dismiss Warner and save their corrupted political future. Yet others felt the allegations would all go away and they would continue with their corrupted ways. But in an unexpected body blow the CONCACAF report came like a thief in the night and destroyed their dreams. 
Politics in Trinbago is about getting rich through the acquisition of political office. It has nothing to do with national development and serving the people. These are mere slogans to entice voter support. The politicians prattle on about accountability, transparency, honesty and morality in political governance, but only an organised alert people can ensure that these buzzwords become reality. 
These political ethics and virtues must not be left to the politicians to implement but must be implemented by the “ordinary” people in and through their organizations. These peoples’ organizations must be ready and willing to take Social Action at any given time to ensure “good governance”, “morality” in our political affairs and most important that our national patrimony be used for the benefit of our people and not be stolen by our corrupted politicians and their financiers. 
Political corruption is a culture of Trinbago’s politics. The resignations of Jack Warner will not stop this vampire sucking the blood of our national patrimony and that of our people. Trinbagonians are denied the fruits of our country’s wealth and deprived of basic and essential goods, services and utilities consistent with our abilities to so provide. 
Vigilance and willingness to take action when necessary are critical and urgent methods in addressing and correcting this evil of political corruption that has been visited upon us by our political vampires. 

Cecil Paul.
April 22, 2013