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COMETH THE MOVEMENT by Burton Sankeralli

posted 15 Oct 2012, 19:16 by Gerry Kangalee
I am finding it increasingly difficult to write honestly about this society without conceivably getting myself thrown in jail during the next state of emergency.

It’s not as if I’m a wild eyed fire bun everything anarchist… honestly I’m not. Perhaps I should try on the hat of the respectable armchair pseudo social scientist with his sobering prognostications. But this is also problematic.

In the first place for reasons I still cannot fathom me and the word “respectable” don’t appear to belong in the same sentence. I don’t know why. It’s not as if I am seeking to cause trouble or controversy. But they’ll think the pseudo social scientist is just a mask for the above mentioned wild eyed anarchist. Secondly I really don’t subscribe to this science mythology in any case.

Not an anarchist not a pseudo social scientist so let’s try on a hat to which I may be better suited. Now there has been talk that I am an obeah man, a charge by the way that I’ve never owned up to. But let’s go for it. Obeah: science of another kind. After all, the third eye is never drunk.

So I sit here gazing into my crystal ball (sorry we don’t visit cemeteries a stereotype we find offensive) but I do gaze and utter prophecies.

First, within the next couple of years (give or take) we will witness a series of really violent events involving a significant number of deaths, probably, including agents of the state. These events will change the nature of our society forever.

Second, in the next ten to fifteen years (but it could be sooner) town will burn… again!

Third, as the current global crisis continues to unfold in the coming decades and it finally catches up with us…well let’s just say our situation will then really start to get grim.

I have given some sort of time frame for the first two in order to give the predictions some manner of scientific rigour but please forgive me if I’m a little off. However in retrospect all this will seem more like common sense than prophecy.

Each of these coming crises represent a turning point which if seized upon properly can avert the next disaster. By the way the time is about now to avert the first but given the way the jokers who run this place operate – and I am not only referring to what passes for a government – that is not likely.

So, I take off my seer man hat having written the history for most of what’s left of the twenty first century but I’ve barely filled a few paragraphs so I press on.

Let me stay on the theme of science and begin with an equation – two parties equal one regime. By the way it may work equally well with the number three.

True, this is still to a large extent PNM country, a party I regard with fully earned contempt. Indeed the PNM has truly been the face of false independence and they ought never to be allowed back in power.

Now while the present government is in its essence no different I hoped it would take them five to ten years to properly begin to realize their PNM-esque potential. Well they did it in two.

Now when the PP came into power, hoping and praying the PNM was gone forever, I postulated that we have here the best fascism we can get. Now I have also been accused of being a fascist and something of it does indeed appeal to me except for one tiny detail. Fascism appears to have a knack for committing atrocities that I find rather displeasing.

And this regime is now warming up. Jack? Yuh eh start to see wajang yet!

However I do hold that the only real political choice is that of between fascism or the radical (what CLR called socialism or barbarism). And in the absence of a genuine movement we would simply have to live with fascism, I believed. But I was wrong. It now seems clear that events – or as Marxists would say “history” – will solve our problem.

The PNM is in terminal decline and this would be the case even if they managed to get back into power. They are milking this “clause 34” business for all it’s worth but that won’t save them. On the other hand the People’s Partnership is clearly non/dys/functional in any meaningful sense of the word not to mention that little matter of fascism.

Now here I must point out an error or what appears to be an error by that political entity that is seeking to be the third political force grounded in labour. Without going into their motives it does appear that rather than clearly enunciating their own position they have entered into a tactical alliance with the PNM.

Now don’t get me wrong I have no problem with tactical alliances indeed one of my own mentors taught me – make love to all but marry none. The problem lies in a misanalysis of the concrete conditions. The real enemy is not the PP (nor the PNM for that matter) but the entire two-party regime that legitimizes the oppressive imperialist capitalist system. Now I have not said anything new but the point is this – never in our entire history since the imposition of fraudulent independence has this two-party regime been in such crisis. It is on the verge of entirely losing all credibility if it has not done so already.

Hence the time for playing one off the other is coming or has come to an end. We must rather press forward with this process of unravelling and see where it leads. We also do have a responsibility to respond to injustice in whatever way we can and to prepare for what is coming although it is by no means clear exactly for what we are preparing.

Fortunately these politicians are doing all the work in discrediting this two-party regime. I am tempted to suggest that we just kick back, relax and enjoy the show. I promise you it will be very entertaining.

So prophecies not withstanding we really do not know where this is going. But I can assure this – cometh the moment… cometh the movement.

Burton Sankeralli
October 15, 2012