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posted 4 Nov 2017, 15:11 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 4 Nov 2017, 15:23 ]
"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;"

WB Yeats

Okay. Apparently Colm and company are tired of waiting for their much anticipated scrap with organised but poorly represented labour. The other bust ups are occurring daily La Brea and at the sea ports and at the air bridge, not to mention in schools and in the prison system.

But these tend to be localised and not likely to affect production. Omit gambling/gaming since this is a recreational and thus optional form of 'productivity' and is really a veneer for other forms of 'enterprise'.

Monday 31st October was supposed to be the usual payday for public servants then and now - meaning pensioners too. Old people like me: some of whose incomes are proscribed by law to not more than $5000 T.T when pensions and NIS payments are combined. Now remember that the recent Budget and subsequent debates, which kept the Prime Minister high and dry away from the floods for days, saw marked increases in the cost of living for the poor.

It saw marked increases for the merchant and business class, in the time they will have to go through the ritual of showing their employees in Cabinet where to get off. This is their annual stick fight where they pelt one or two 'bois' at each other. The blood is fake but the Scotch is real. It is the blood of the workers that boils.

But this late money thing is another sign, a further crack in the shaky edifice of this crony capitalism we have been abiding. This is retrenchment and severance outside the context of industrial relations settings. There is money for the highway to Manzanilla, the Brian Lara Stadium. the hotel complex outside the Ato Boldon Stadium, to finance a Sandal’s hotel, to import and maintain high end SUV's from Japan and Germany and to purchase more military vehicles to push motorists off our thoroughly congested roads..

And Michael Scobie Joseph has been warning us all year round of efforts to impede if not scuttle the Carnival celebration since February this year. It would surprise no one if Carnival and Panorama are further 'down-sized' in the national interest

Of course on the other side of the pond, the political hyenas, scenting blood, have joined the hunt. But within the hunting pack there is bitter rivalry for leadership since they are convinced that the present king of the leeches is mortally wounded and they imagine easy prey. Some fangs seem more aimed to slash one another rather than the hunted.

Folks: it happened in Argentina, in Greece, in Portugal and it could easily happen here! We could go to the banks and be simply told that there is no money, that we will have to hold strain and tighten our belts. The public services in health, education, transport, infrastructure would have further deteriorated by then. And it would not have been due to Islamic fundamentalism, the alleged source of all our ills. Why do you imagine the recent Youth Parliament chose to discuss of all things, a counter to ''youth radicalisation'' policy?

Of course the police, army and other forms/firms of 'national security' would be in the streets heavily armed to make sure workers get the point

At this moment not much, has been seen from the unions representing the public sector. There has been the usual posturing for the cameras by some leaders but that is par for the media course. Those who are in leadership must recognise that this is an escalation, a shot across the bows from S.S. Colm. Let us see what their response is and it better not be some airy fairy fantasy like the phantom boycott of the one per cent.