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COBO JACK? by Rae Samuel

posted 4 Dec 2013, 13:53 by Gerry Kangalee
In this day time of searching for miracles, when religious orthodoxy has some believers Pantin at the possibility of a saint from Trinidad (Tobago?), I do not know how these things work, it is interesting to note another unnaturally occurring phenomenon in our midst. I refer to a re-incarnation of Cobo Jack. 
Now, as I proceed: please bear in mind I am not faith based, actually I am from Central and my religious identification card would read "recovering Christian.' Who or what is a recovering Christian? Someone who was led along that ideological path and managed with the avid support of others to turn away but is daily bombarded with inducement to take up that type of "drinking" again. That type of bar requires no license, is open 25 hours a day and can advertise freely in any medium. 

Back to Jack. The original
Cobo Jack is a legendary panist who tuned for and captained the Invaders steelband. He would have been a contemporary of Ellie Mannette. When I enquired about him I was told that, like Mannette, he had migrated and is living in New York. Which makes this all the more interesting because generally one is re-incarnated after one's passing; not while one is still among the living. That would be a miracle which would qualify us here in Trinidad (Trinidad/Tobago?) for another saint, providing Tobago is willing to share/participate. 
The new "Cobo Jack'' is a genetic mutation turned phenomenon. The cobo (corbeau) is a bird of prey. Which means upon scenting carrion it swoops down upon it and pecks it clean (Nature's Environment Management Agency). It even portends death by hovering over the weak and dying. MSJ...look out! This 2013 Cobo however is seeking to raise the dead by resurrecting an entity which was politically (one can almost say virtually) shot to death in the early 90's. by members of a religious sect who claimed that God was on their side.. See why I am Central and not "faith based?"  
Such an occurrence would stand Darwinism on its head since this form of new Cobo represents a complete role reversal and revision of job specification. One cannot say the deceased was 'playing dead to ketch cobo alive' because it was and is dead anyway. And who would want to "ketch" that cobo anyway, especially after it was booted out of nests in Tobago and St. Joseph. 
So we can only hold our noses and see where this will end. At least another "bird of play'' has returned to his natural habitat proving that working class journalists are generally right…sometimes
. I speak of Ian who I suggested was only out for a lark, as the English say, when he contested the St. Joseph bye-election. Ian has quietly folded his political wings and returned to the media swampland of exploiting human tragedy for television ratings