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posted 12 Apr 2011, 12:31 by Gerry Kangalee

Now that the President of the Republic has acted to remove Nizam Mohommed , the backward politician and former House Speaker, from the leadership of the Police Service Commission (PSC), the citizens, patriots and working people of T&T have been given a welcome respite (for now !) from the coarse, infantile and ‘ethnic’ chauvinist ranting which characterised the so-called ‘debate’ which was ignited by his comments at the Joint Select Committee of Parliament meeting on the performance of the PSC.


While all right thinking citizens quite correctly condemned his reactionary, divisive call for ‘ethnic balance’ in the Executive of the Police Service, with even his fellow Commissioners repudiating his ethnic cheer leading, this outburst by Nizam revealed a very dangerous, but hidden truth about our current political elite.


Nizam, and his Cabinet Minister supporters (Sharma, Moonilal, the AG et al) attempted to use a crude and disingenuous numbers game as our very own WMD - Weapon of Mass Distraction - to con the people once again and deflect attention from the ‘one-a-day’ crisis which their PP government continues to bungle into since coming to power.


But we must not be fooled and allow their call for “ethnic balance” and a bogus “race debate” to obscure a fundamental issue which raised its head and stood out like the proverbial ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM in the midst of this.


That issue was as simple as it was dangerous, i.e. Nizam as Chairman of the PSC abused his access to State power and used the Commissioner of Police to intimidate a peaceful, ordinary citizens’ group – Fixin T&T -  because they called for his resignation or removal from the PSC by the President. 


Nizam used his position to enlist the Police Commissioner in unleashing the Special Branch against ordinary citizens. For peacefully exercising their Constitutional rights and freedoms, i.e. FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND FREEDOM OF THE PRESS to demand publicly that NIZAM MUST GO, the Commissioner of Police sent his Gestapo to question Fixin T&T under the thin disguise of a “threat investigation”.


This was not the first incident in which Nizam’s conduct exposed his true class nature. Remember he just recently called the same top CoP to bully his way out of subjecting himself to the lawful instructions of police officers on traffic duty in Port of Spain.


The actions of Nizam and his henchman CoP Gibbs are the actions of CLOSET NAZIS, plain and simple! This happened right here, in T&T today, in 2K11 without a word of protest, condemnation or repudiation from the PP partners like Abdulah and McLeod of MSJ, Daaga of NJAC, De Lima of the COP and others who all promised the voters ‘NEW POLITICS and NEW GOVERNANCE’. Nizam has exposed the true class nature of himself and these other bogus ‘strugglers’ and ‘defenders’ of the people for the betrayers of the people they really are.


THERE IS AN ELEPHANT IN THE POLITICAL ROOM OF GOVERNANCE and this PP ‘pick-up-side’ who promised us a new and better society are proving quickly to be hypocrites and class enemies of the working people. They are just the flip side of the same PNM coin that the Patricks (Solomon and Manning) inflicted on us. Patrick Solomon used his position as a Government Minister to bully the police to release his relative back in the bad old Eric Williams era, now its Nizam’s time.


Just examine the PP government record of actions since winning elections re: dismissal of journalist Fazeer Mohammed from CNMG Television, betrayal of CLICO policy holders, the SIA /SSA national intelligence fiasco, the bludgeoning of PSA workers struggle for decent wages to survive inflation and you will “see the future in the present” as CLR James often admonished.


We must not allow the people’s hard won rights to be violated or erased by more CLOSET FASCIST responses from this PP cabal of selfish, dishonest and inept betrayers.The PP government must not be allowed to distract or obscure our just demands by the constant bacchanal and bread and circus which they foist on us virtually every week now. Our best defence is to reject them and all other selfish, dishonest and inept betrayers who present themselves as leaders in every sphere of our daily life.

Our most powerful weapon is to ORGANISE, ORGANISE, ORGANISE! and we must DARE TO STRUGGLE, DARE TO WIN! 


Raphael Fyzabad