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posted 16 Nov 2016, 05:25 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 16 Nov 2016, 05:29 ]

Burton Sankeralli
“Class warfare!” I heard the phrase on mainstream American election coverage. I am not kidding. Karl Marx starring on Yankee television election night! But hold on…. something is wrong with this picture...err…Donald Trump…President-Elect...Isn’t he supposed to be some kind of fascist? 

So it’s class warfare from the “right”? Now please don’t misunderstand me and let’s not have any illusions. “War criminal” is a line item in the job description of the U.S. Presidency. And it matters little whether the holder or would-be holder has melanin, a vagina or a billion dollars.

But it does appear that we are at a critical point.

The “ultra-right” parties have been doing well in Europe and then earlier this year there was Brexit. What’s next Le Pen in France? She has already long conveyed her congratulations to the new President-Elect. This fascism business is here to stay and we in the left have to deal with it.

It appears that I am not being premature when I say that future commentators will declare that 2016 is the year that the 21st century begins in earnest. Just as World War I in the 20th signalled the final collapse of the old Feudal Order and World War II laid the basis for the present Global Order of U.S. imperialism.

We seem to have here a tectonic shift. And we are back to Marx because he predicted it: “Class warfare”: the uprising of the working class against the global capitalist order. And it’s hitting us from the right.

Of course this is all wrapped up in fascism, racism, xenophobia and violence but fascism, racism, xenophobia and violence characterise U.S. foreign policy on a good day (then things really turn nasty). So what else is new?

Let’s give the poor white “red neck” class a little credit. They have been deceived by Trump but they were not fooled by the formal establishment status quo and its corporate liberal media: CNN,MSNBC and friends. And while some African Americans joyfully support the Democrats because black slaves matter, and others (to be fair) less joyfully, it appears that a great deal of African Americans or more accurately Africans in America did not fall for the party politics crap and did not vote.

Democrat and Republican are two sides of a single vicious capitalist imperialist system and there is no real difference between them except perhaps the Republicans are a little more honest. 

So the black and white working class were not taken in by the elitist corporate liberal media-saturating hype generated by the system. This indeed gives us on the left hope that when judgement day comes – and my friends it is coming – the masses will know what to do or at the very least they will know what not to do.

But what is disturbing is that it is the right and not the left that seems to be better positioned in the post-2016 world to direct what follows. Of course this calls on the progressive forces to do the obvious and organize! organize! organize! But it also requires that we not only confront this overt fascism but also engage it.

Yes, you heard me (if you pardon the expression) right. Because the right does have some things to say concerning taking seriously issues of community and it has proven to be most effective at tapping into such visceral communal concerns.

Now of course history has a great deal to teach us about what happens when such communal discourses of “blood and myth” go disastrously wrong in an inherently violent fascist capitalist system. We may cite Europe, Africa, India and even our own part of the world. But let’s not dismiss “blood and myth” so quickly. Or to use more sensitive language we need to take very seriously insights concerning community, culture and spirituality.

There is in reality nothing necessarily fascist about this as in the Caribbean many of our own organic artists, intellectuals and activists have here been leading the way. (As a curious historical aside the great Marcus Garvey had no problem sitting and talking with this “white section”.)

So there are interesting times ahead as the 21st century gears up into full throttle. The left needs to prepare itself to participate in the struggles ahead as the outcome is by no means pre-determined. And in this the year of President Trump I say – Let the games begin!