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posted 26 Oct 2015, 19:52 by Gerry Kangalee
Oh dear! Oh dear! What's all this noise about prosecuting the members of the former administration for corruption? That the new 'good governance' (eh David) will be transparent too? Who is going to do it? The 'new' P.N.M administration? That and Santa Claus being wrecked for blocking the entrance to the St. Michael’s Home for Boys we will never see. Any clean up will have to start indoors. Clarity would have to begin at home.

Are we forgetting who P.N.M is and the monuments to corruption they gave us? From Johnny O'Halloran whose towers still dot the Toronto sky line right through to the Karamath family's open contracts? You really think that Johnny built those skyscrapers with the winnings from cock fighting? .Calder Hart did exist and royally benefited. Did he have the key to the Treasury? Nope” 'cause he did not need one; he had the Treasury. Of course there was no such thing as the monumental CLICO collapse and Karen Nunez Tesheira is not a real person but a fairy princess in a cartoon.

So let us not put our hopes in the wrong place. P.N.M up to 2010 had a fair shot at prosecuting those involved in the Piarco airport scandals but alas they had more important things to do such as building the Brian Lara stadium which one day I predict will host the Winter Olympics. Why not? This is the new P.N.M and the modern generation who in charge now has to respect the traditions of Boysie Prevatt and that Panamanian Ou Wai. Miss Tobago will claim hosting a winter games will boost sports tourism and get money for it. Of course Daryl will ensure only heterosexuals take part to ensure Colm releases the funds on time.

Whistle blower legislation? A whole brass section has already sounded on Kwei Tung, Ish and Steve; on Clico's Geeta, on perpetrators of the 'ghost gangs' and secret award of scholarships up to 2010.

Was the re-appearance of Malcolm and Kenny a wakeup call? Or was it for the old masters to teach the new brigade how to scam and get away? Tradition dies hard in some institutions. Look at what is happening to the West Indies cricket team in Sri Lanka if you want to doubt me. Is Monteil returning any time soon?