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posted 7 Feb 2017, 19:21 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 7 Feb 2017, 19:24 ]
Here we go again. The barebacked king of cassava fires off another salvo and shoots himself in the mouth with another of his nauseous nuggets. In the true PNM spirit of Tim Kee (hey carnival comin’) he suggests that, essentially, women who are victims of domestic violence make bad choices, i.e. they looked for it.

Never mind, as some women's groups pointed out, some women have been murdered at their workplace, at relatives' homes, in the streets. Guess he meant they should have stayed where they were and saved their attackers the trouble of violating them away from the home.

And out comes the Farris Wheel to tell us that the media tweaked the story. Hey Comrade. Errol McLeod: Yuh hear that? What we heard is not what the Prime Minister said. The type of spin you excelled in as virtual Deputy Prime Minister.

Don't know what cough remedy and anti-histamines Farris taking though. Suddenly the man who could cover 3 morning shows a day, but who lost his voice on a rifle range, is back with rapid fire..."Ten shuuuun!

Remember a while ago he was laid low by the photos from the rifle range and Keith had to help him out identifying his own children. I never really got over that. You saying that these may not be your children and the boss emphatically saying, “Yes, they are his!''. Maybe he got some "Fishermen's friends' from Gary Aboud as he rehashes the old yarn about how hard it is to hang convicts.

How will the meetings/conversations go? One is reminded of a comment attributed to CLR James about these Meet the people tours which was a practice initiated by Eric Eustace Williams, aka Deafy. James would ask why wait until one is in office to "meet the people”? Isn't it an admission that one is going into office clueless about the people's concerns and that your Party is really about building a vote bank?

I think it will be hard to run that fast, from the mouth, in the next rounds. When you set a meet record in your first heat it is hard to top it: Ask Verna Alleyne Toppin!

The Prime Minister has a couple days to pull his foot out of his mouth or his cassavas out of the wood fire, even as the Wheel goes at the media for incorrectly 'contextualising” the Prime Minister's statement.

Damn you, all of you who were in the meeting and heard it live. Damn all of you who heard on live television and social media, not waiting for Wari to interpret the message. This demands that the Minister of National Assuredness respond with utmost alacrity to this new trend where people think and interpret for themselves..

How? How can he respond to this growing trend of thinking out of the PNM/UNC MS…oops sorry…PNM/UNC box? How…how? I GOT IT; I GOT IT! He can go on the waterfront and make a statement.