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posted 8 Sept 2014, 08:22 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 9 Sept 2014, 03:42 ]
The scenes in the photos accompanying this article are what greeted me and others at about 6.30 am on Independence Day as I entered our national Park, Chaguaramas. While the managers were feasting with our rulers, the corbeaux and stray dogs were doing the same as the photos show and yes there are metaphors and messages in the aforementioned.

Notice the pool of water which is caused by the construction works on the other side of the road. Danny Solomon and his crew have created this problem – and it is causing traffic to hang to the outside on a corner
where deaths have occurred in the recent past by Solomon and his crew approving the erection of a hoarding and making the corner a blind one.

It is amazing that this is all achieved by careful and intelligent planning by supposedly competent and specially selected men who are being handsomely paid by the State. Surely it could not have been worse without such.

And the President of the country, the business people and all of these men who themselves survive on “transfers and subsidies” (despite obviously low levels of productivity and competence and high levels of wastage and “all else” that is bad) from the State are bitching about such transfers and subsidies reaching the poor of the country through “make work” programmes - when it is their birthright due from the national patrimony.

I, and many persons I know, have not seen a Government cheque in more than 25 years and the little subsidy we get in the form of oil and gas for my car is being disproportionately shared with big oil and big business; who by the way are also unfairly given the lion’s share of the oil and gas revenues which is the god-given patrimony of citizens of T&T to be shared equally by all and not disproportionately as is done now.

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