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posted 8 Jul 2014, 11:48 by Gerry Kangalee
The matter concerning the Communication Transport and General Workers Trade Union’s (CATTU) application for successorship at Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is still in the Industrial Court and proceeding very slowly. The matter has been before the Court since 2007. 

The Union has finished presenting its case. Altogether six witness statements were submitted by five witnesses. All the Union's witnesses were working with BWIA on 31st December 2006 and started working with CAL on 1st January 2007 doing substantially the same jobs as with BWIA.

This is important as the matter before the Court is to show that CAL was essentially BWIA in another name and that substantially the same work was continuing in substantially the same way.

An application was made for BWIA/CAL to disclose the applications they made to the civil aviation authorities in the respective countries. This was done because evidence from the Canadian Transportation Agency made it clear that BWIA had put forward the position that the change to CAL was essentially management restructuring. The union wanted to find out whether they had made similar applications to other countries.

This application was withdrawn when BWIA said that, after all this time, they were unable to find the original applications. The union, however, is trying to get information directly from Canada and the UK using the Freedom of Information Acts in those two countries.

The hearings that were listed for Monday 7th July and Wednesday 9th July have been adjourned at the request of CAL.

Attorney Douglas Mendes is handling the matter for CATTU.