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posted 31 Jan 2018, 07:18 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 31 Jan 2018, 07:30 ]
Image result for capitalism days numberedThere’s a school of thought which hold that articles must be written in simple language so that the ordinary person can understand whatever one is trying to get across. Well, I will try to get across my comments on what’s happening in the Kingdom of Capitalism (USA) between the two camps.

It is recognised by both the Democratic and Republican parties that capitalism is in a state of crisis and has been, for a very long time. This all started in the 1980s with the precipitous fall in the price of oil. Although there was some recovery in the economies of the various sub-centres of capitalism, the real movers and shakers of the system, had already seized on the opportunity to shift their operations into what was referred to as emerging economies in Asia, Mexico and certain South American countries. They used a number of creative ways to achieve their objectives: such as outsourcing, creating Brands, franchise stores etc.

All of this was done to destroy the Trade Unions by creating redundancies, because they were opposed to what they regarded as the high cost of labour in the American economy. In addition, the wealthy one percent seized the opportunity to use the facilities provided by countries that are known as Tax Havens to hide their wealth, in order to avoid paying taxes.

Because capitalism by its very nature is prone to go from one crisis to the next, the respective economies in Europe and the Americas went into crisis in 2008. Most of the large banks and finance houses suffered financial collapse. What was even worse was not only did working people get ripped off by Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, who were involved in the housing business; but tax payers’ monies were used to bail them out, because these financial institutions were considered too big to fail!

Once again capitalism is in crisis. We are experiencing another oil crisis, which the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen cannot resolve. In addition, the expectation that the 2016 Presidential Election was going to solve the problem with Hilary Clinton in the presidency did not work out as planned. The “capitalist left” miscalculated and misread the mood of the electorate, resulting in the “capitalist right” winning the election in the face of all opinion polls forecasting a win for Hilary Clinton.

However, this successful candidate who it was believed would follow the prepared script upon assuming the Presidency clearly had other plans. Even sections of the interest groups which he represents failed to de-code the subliminal messages he was sending to his base during the campaign.

When he declared that he was going to make America great again, they did not know that he meant that he was going to make America “white” again. This gentleman became the President of the United States of America at a time when the country’s national debt is close to nineteen trillion dollars ($19,000,000,000,000) with an estimated millions of citizens homeless, unemployed or under employed and the economic infrastructure in need of extensive/expensive restructuring.

At a time when its leadership role in the geo-political arena is being over-shadowed by countries such as Russia and China, the extreme right has come to the conclusion that it is now time to resort to a new brand of fascism, while the Democratic “left” believes that the system can be repaired without resorting to such extremes. They both agree that the middle and working class must be screwed. Where they disagree is one side wanted to use grease and the other doesn’t. And as the horse trading went backward and forward, it ended with the middle and working class of America getting screwed without grease.

The wealthy 1% saw their taxes cut down to 21% in the process. This wealthy 1% includes elements who purport to be on the Democratic “left” and who will benefit substantially from the tax break. Therefore, to think that they are opposed to the policies which this President is going to implement would be to believe that ants suffer from strangulated hernia.
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President Donald Trump is bent on dismantling all the legal obstacles which are intended to give the appearance of a democratic system which can serve the class interests of all members of the society. He intends to put the lies to rest. He just chose to start with what he considers to be the easy ones: deporting Muslims, Haitians, Africans, people from the Caribbean and building a wall to keep Mexicans out and so on. Those which will give him maximum coverage in the establishment controlled Media. He intends to go even further, to regain what he considers to be the respect which member countries of the European Union have lost for the USA.

The strategy which he is likely to adopt would be to call on member countries of organisations such as the United Nations, NATO, the IMF, the World Bank and so on, to increase their contributions to these organisations, while threatening to substantially reduce America’s. In addition, he will threaten to pull out of trading arrangements such as NAFTA. In so doing, he expects to affect these countries by sending the message that trade with America is tied to certain specific conditions.

On the home front, he intends to mobilise his base with the use of racism in order to draw a line in the local political arena, whose purpose would be to rally “White America” to support his policies. In this scenario, one thing that we must not overlook is the hand of the Fascistic right in the planning and execution of these strategies. Make no mistake, it is the view on the extreme right in American politics that the government must resort to fascism, if it is to put flesh on, and give real meaning to, the concept of “American Exceptionalism” in order to reclaim its place as the leader of the world in matters of politics, economics and military power.

While the “Democratic left” aspires to achieve all of the above, the disagreement is over strategy and tactics. That is why the “Democratic left” decided to launch an attack against the extreme right under the cover of a campaign claiming that Russia interfered in the American Presidential elections by helping Donald Trump to win. They know that there is no evidence to support that assertion but they continue along that path, because it is their intention to remove him from office by establishing that he is not fit to lead. The Constitution provides for such an eventuality.

Whichever way you choose to look at the crisis which is now raging in American politics, the capitalist system is broken beyond repair and there is very little that can be done about it. The situation, however, is this: both sides continue to ignore the new reality that the advances in technology provide the working people of the world, even in some of the remote places, with the ability to reach friends, family and strangers; to network to plan and execute action against oppressors and oppressive undemocratic governments and their policies. The days of capitalism are numbered.