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posted 26 Sept 2015, 05:05 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 27 Sept 2015, 17:47 ]
"Without this struggle, without this praxis, there is nothing but a carnival parade and a lot of hot air. All that is left is a slight re-adaptation, a few reforms at the top, a flag and down at the bottom a shapeless, writhing mass still mired in the Dark Ages’'
Frantz Fanon. The Wretched of the Earth. 1962

Let me begin by saying that even if workers may or may not have read the above they are certainly aware of the need for continuing struggle. NWU media have covered two ongoing worker manifestations, one at the National Insurance Board Head Office and the other at OAS Construtora head office at Golconda.

Undoubtedly objective conditions in the workplace and in communities will continue to compel more as the 'new' government takes its ceremonial time against a backdrop of daily murders and incomplete schools, installing of candidates rejected at the polls. Even the police acknowledge that 85% of murders have gone unsolved or without arrests.

But the Carnival parade as Fanon put it, the political Dimanche Gras, did take place the day before our 39th anniversary of Republicanism. Suitably attired the Queens of the Upper and Lower Houses, called Speakers/Presidents, were sworn in by Carmona, the Parade Marshall, who did a "Rodney King', thus stealing the show and showing what great powers of sarcasm indeed he does have…rent and house allowances included.

In 1991 Rodney King, some may re-call, was trotted out on television to tearfully plead “Why can't we get along” Watts, a suburb of Los Angeles, went up in flames to protest the merciless assault inflicted on him by Los Angeles Police and for which they were exonerated.

King’s plea was ludicrous, pathetic and duly ignored. How does the working poor 'get along' with this new group of political hucksters who supported Section 34 and voted for pensions for ''Par-liar-mentarians'' and are now asking to be seen as a new government? Bet your Porsche Cayenne that is not going to happen. PNM remains ideologically rooted to the economic and political system handed to them at Marlborough House by Sir Iain Macleod in 1962 as the 2015 Budget will further reveal. 

C'mon comrades: What do you mean a McLeod is a Macleod then and now? We have a new government!

We must mention the "Best supporting actor' role played by Wade who has re-appeared to make his Mark. Was he on study leave up by Arthur Lok Jack? Maybe, but his performance showed how identical the political entities are. One minute or one election ago he was Speaker of the House, now he is the leader of the Opposition bench.

Which proves that election is really 'half-time' and the thieves…oops…sorry...the teams take the field again after campaigning. They may or may not switch sides and are allowed substitutes, even those 'banned' by the electorate in Mayaro. But let us remember CLR James noting in Black Jacobins that significant decisions are often not made in Parliament but merely recorded there. Hot air and all!