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posted 10 Apr 2015, 18:51 by Gerry Kangalee
On 2010 April 18, McLeod, Abdulah and true-believer fellow travellers of the bourgeois demock-racy we practice here came to us working people in our assembly known as a COSSABO.

They peddled the vulgar fiction and fraud called the PP as the solution to our economic, political, social, health, security, cultural and all other problems, including acne, just like the other snake-oil salesmen, 'bush doctors' and 'healers' who regale us daily with like promises.

My comrades, and like minded patriots, identified their offer for what is was then, and still is now, and we denounced and rejected it. We made clear we would not support that pick-up side and any leadership comprising known anti-worker, ethnic chauvinist, caste-motivated, closet-Nazi types like Kamla (who did not support the CCJ because its first bench had no "Indian" judge on it).

We predicted that they, MSJ and Daaga included, would betray the people and ensure that they, their inner circle 'cabal' and friends, would enrich themselves by 'eating ah food' at taxpayers expense like swine in a feeding frenzy at a hog trough called the public purse.

They would advance and defend the interests of transnationals, big business and anything that would keep working people and other citizens in the same place Manning's PNM had kept us.
We rejected the call to "sleep" with any coalition of political crapauds and prostitutes hastily cobbled together to remove the PNM at any cost because under the present political system there is no true democracy.

For those old enough to recall, long ago if you “make a fairs” you would make a trip down Wrightson Road. by the 'dongs tree' to deal with what is now referred to as an acute case of STD.

Objectively, only one party was really on the ballot paper in 2010 - the UNCOPNMSJ. It’s six of one; half a dozen of the other, no matter who you vote for. None of them would act to change the game! Of course, ours was a minority and unpopular position but proven correct in time.
Soon as they came to power they began to PP on us, starting with the renege on the promise to pay all pensioners $3000/ monthly, then the Gopaul/NP contract scandal, then Reshmigate, then…ad nauseam!

The elections are coming again and once more the real question to be addressed by patriotic citizens is: who will acquire power, in whose interests will it be wielded and how can we, the, citizens make power accountable to us, no matter who wields it, whether its President, Chief Justice, PM, AG, Speaker of the House, MP, Minister, CDS, Ag. Cop, Perm. Sec. or any other officials we give power to.

That is the elephant in the room, the real issues to be dealt with, and some people will continue to see, hear, speak and write about anything else but this reality. They will continue to deny this reality and avoid the demand for action which confronting this question forces all patriots to face. CLR James said 'if you don't change the rules, the rules will change you’!

We must find ways to make ourselves ' rule changers'.