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posted 23 Apr 2012, 20:12 by Gerry Kangalee
Damn! It was so clear...and I took so long to see it! Talk about missing the obvious! I feel like a West Indian tail end batsman....too low? Openers and top order included? I feel like one of our "top order" batsmen who fails to read the arm ball or the pitch of the delivery. Maybe my editor is correct to suggest seniority comes at a price. 
I am referring to the flap over the encounter between President's Obama security detail and some Columbian non-combatants, undressed to thrill, in a luxury hotel. According to reports a full unit drafted from the Secret Service’s elite corps, and backed up by regular service men, carried out a full frontal assault on the female reservists. 
It seems that when the women demanded payment for their war wounds the commandos baulked .The women were merely seeking freedom from freeness after a night of back breaking work. 

I think when their boss heard what happened he probably turned white, whatever his colour. THESE GUYS POSE WITH BODY PARTS AFTER ENGAGEMENTS! 

Remember Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq? And the recent photos from Afghanistan show soldiers posing with the entrails of suicide bombers? Why would the story in Columbia have been any different? Getting the "enemy" to pose would have been a lot easier and less embarrassing. No dog leashes, no human pyramids, no blindfolds....only...only. 
The irony is that with one phone call to Trinidad all this could have been dealt with and future security agents could have continued enjoying the benefits of sex tourism. A Trini policeman would have instantly charged the woman with whom he had just spent the night and to whom he may have made an arrangement. BUSINESS AFTER PLEASURE would have been a local cop's motto. As I write this CNN. is reporting that some 24 people are now involved. Clearly this was a SPORTS AND FAMILY DAY..... 
Remember the story of a policeman from Central who was accused of shacking up with a Columbian suspect? Or the one who was labelled Cpl. Slackey by a talk show host. Cpl. Slackey was managing two prostitutes, one of whom reportedly was charged for killing the other with Slackey as a character witness for one. 
Would we ever face such a situation in Labour? I doubt it. Our prostitutes are largely male, over 50 and have lost all their appeal.The only ones they are scandalising and shaming are themselves