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posted 28 Dec 2017, 05:09 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 28 Dec 2017, 05:12 ]
"Left…right…government boots…left right…government boots.'' 

Massive Gosine, yuh geh way! If the Anti-gang legislation of 2017, (which does not cover Parliament, the Judiciary, the Police or local sporting administrations)...if that Bill had been passed you would have had the shit kicked out of you, using the sedition clause. By the way, Massive, all this talk about 'blackface' shows their inability to fault the song in calypso/picong terms. Maybe Shiraz of the Foodcrop Farmers Association could 'help she out'

Who else had the shit kicked out of them by the leading pair of government boots in the country? JTUM for one: in and out of tri-partite arrangements; clinging to false promises about postponed retrenchment (when is a good time to be retrenched anyway); calling for and holding fruitless meetings.

They get 'real leather' from government boots. And there is more to come in this coming LEAP year Yes, that is the document, which very few have seen, which Comrade Leader has submitted to government re the restructuring of Petrotrin. Did he write it while sitting in his X5 BMW which he bought from the 1%?

Who else got it right up the rear from patent leather shoes? The users of the sea bridge between our islands. It was left, right from Rohan, the Port Authority, Stuart Young, Bridgeman Consultants and finally the Cabinet appointed sub-committee. They kept stuffing it up the travellers' backsides for most of the year. They blew more smoke up our behinds than the Ocean Flower spewed from its funnels when it limped into Trinidad waters. But a comrade succinctly explained the real reason the Ocean Flower has hung around. Forget all this talk about contract and Lloyds of London stipulations…blah blah blah! As soon as the TnT Spirit goes into dry dock the Ocean Flower 'goin' and start pullin' bull.

We did kick the shit out of the U.S football team with the help of Honduras and Panama and in the process we saw them eliminated from World Cup 2018. But athletes and recreational walkers have been kicked out of the Ato Boldon Stadium, while the Sports Company investigates allegations of corruption at their offices located there.

Guess they plan to dig up the parking lot to find computers filled with compromising data. Meanwhile our athletes in Central have nowhere to train with Carifta Games three months away. But the Sports Minister is lauding the achievements of the 4x400 men's team at the Worlds Athletic championships this year.

Mariano Browne spent the year kicking the out at anybody who does not support privatisation of any and everything on the planet, including oxygen, green grass, floods and hurricanes. And Stuart Young got some real kicks from Mariano and Dumas up his pompous behind also and was also kicked out of his house…let’s not go there!

Chief Justice Archie promoted and then kicked Marcia Ayers-Caesar. Since then Martin Daly, the Law Association, Israel Khan, individually and collectively have been trying to kick the shit out of Archie, but with no success. Archie has given real meaning to the 
phrase 'a law unto himself.''

Finally I want commend my Catholic friends, all sixteen of them on the election/appointment/ordination of their new Archbishop wh
is truly a man of the cross: not sure if it is a left or right cross. Yes folks he was charged in Barbados for cuffing down somebody. We could not confirm if like Mariano he chose to leave Barbados thereafter. What we will monitor is if he has a hook or an uppercut to go with his cross.

A word to the local young bandits: Do not try to do a Father Harvey on this fellow. Sounds like he is very able to kick the shit out of y'all!

P.S. Folks, comrades, friends, well wishers. I have negotiations with my line manager/editor coming up in 2018. I hope he wears slippers during our meetings.
Gerry Kangalee,
28 Dec 2017, 05:09