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posted 24 May 2018, 13:55 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 24 May 2018, 14:17 ]
Introduction: Part 3 of the Black Inclusion series was screened on international media on Saturday 19th May, one month ahead of Labour Day. There has been an immediate fall out with Prince Phillip stepping down from Royal duties, whence he has made a career of racist commentary which the BBC likes to call ''jokes'.

Clearly with this chicken coming home to roost in Buckingham Palace, Phil, who was not the man in Elizabeth's bedroom on that famous night, has had it. This is a man who asked an African woman in Kenya who was presenting him with a gift, if she was a real woman. He warned British workers in China to '' not stay too long lest their eyes became slitty.''

One wonders what he would have said to Caster Semenya or Michelle Ahye. Phil's stiff upper British lip, which is probably the only place where any stiffness resides yet, is about to wilt.

Part one was the movie Black Panther which was supposed to reflect the race coming of age and assuming full nation status thanks to a meteor crashing in an African netherland and restoring our psyche, national pride and fighting ability. And a CIA agent who suddenly became a white liberal ready to fight and die for 'our' cause in the Motherland. The movie "Blood Diamond' was in fact a musical.

Forget Fanon, Malcolm, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman and Claudia Jones or Winnie Mandela. Produce our own gaggles of Black nuts who wear their underwear on the outside, have super powers thanks to accidents in the lab and who will burst into muscular human rocks to fight crime. Now I keep asking since we have cell phones and no longer use phone booths, where does Superman change? Is he still working at the Guardian?

So after the slew of merchandising aimed at the new Black market like platform shoes and basketball clothing, what comes next: Black Panther jerseys and lunch kits along with Black Panther chest muscles? Do not laugh. Hulk muscles used to be sold in Trinidad and Tobago.

Then came the Avengers where the members join forces to fight the evils of terror; much like those nations who join the UN and then vote with their aid donors or foreign investors. And vote down leeway on loans to Dominica post a most destructive hurricane. "Yes Minister it's all the Public servants fault.”

The grand finale according to one commentator was going to reverse colonialism. Damn, all these years of sacrifice, struggle and toil when according to this commentator, all we had to do was strip for the royalty of England. But the show went on. The script was fairly straight forward. Royal explorer lands on the shores of the American colonies, dodges school and church shootings, braves the wilds of Los Angeles and wins the heart of the Duchess of Compton, whom he brings straight out to his palace back home to be his bride, all the time wearing his swastika on his arm. Not that she will ever become Queen Meghan the First. The way the line of succession is arranged it is extremely unlikely

Oprah was there wearing a dress probably borrowed from Tyler Perry since he/Medea was not invited. Of course the tired old “Negro preacher” was there invoking the spirit of Dr. King which today would have been speaking about Palestine and Syria and the ongoing school massacres. But Reverend Chicken Wing was not sent there for that.

There were notable other firsts: the first black cello player to win a major British musical award, the first Black Tennis grand slam tennis superstar. That’s us y'all! Music and sports! No one thought of inviting Neil De Grasse Tyson, leading astrophysicist. Maybe because he would not wear one of Tyler Perry's creations!

Who from the Windrush generation was featured? There was no steelband or calypso featured as far I can tell, so they got left out or non-white page boys or page girls. So there we have it folks. Running repeatedly on a monitor or television screen near you...part 3 of the Trilogy.