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BIC vs TEC 9 by Rae Samuel

posted 23 Sept 2011, 18:47 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 24 Sept 2011, 17:47 by Dave Smith ]
They say in the Mafia that one can steal more with a pen than with a gun. So I am learning what movies Clico executives look at and what books they read. Crime does not pay? Damn straight as they say. It does not pay retirees, pensioners and small shareholders. 

All those little 'black boys' should really put down the gun and open finance houses. They would not ever have to worry about bail and anti gang legislation since being in 'gangs' like Clico, Hindu Credit Union and the new kid on the block Duke Withdrawals Ltd. puts you beyond the reach of the law 

You could style on Ian Alleyne since you would be featured on all news channels and receive front page coverage in all the dailies. Former Senators who decry the state of the country will attack your former financial comptrollers for laying the facts bare and then go back to mourn the state of the country. Insurance fraud has a morality of its own … if you are a high priced lawyer. 

Now by the logic of the present administration, the Clico debacle should be good for about 88 (and counting) states of emergency. Current rates, according to media reports, are $20 million a bust: street value. 

Damn: the official who (it is alleged) gave herself $13 million would not make the cut. Go back to the gym … oops … go back to the till girl. Really work those muscles, financial that is. How hard is it to sign a cheque? Watson had to lift up a bag. You are already ahead of his game. 

So those detractors must now admit that the State of Emergency brought together detainees who will now see the error of their ways and emerge into the finance market. Put down the gun and take up the pen: no need to engage in drive by killings, revenge attacks and late night executions. 

Your depositors will die of grief, rage, despair and attending commissions of enquiry which will resolve nothing. They will succumb and no fingers will be pointed at you. The only challenge you may face might be insurance regulators and Central Bank regulators who seem and sound ... sleepy 

The pen is indeed mightier than the gun