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posted 8 Aug 2015, 20:41 by Gerry Kangalee
I am reading of a reporter who went to interview a political leader who show up bareback in his own home. (How dare he?). He touched her tattoo and her bee (dirty old local Bill Cosby) and caused her to leave her job, so she could uphold the highest ideals of the profession…and get to wear the right clothes to work.

She alludes to shocking behaviour from a 'political leader, husband father and grandfather’ and he is just the Opposition leader. We must all therefore be grateful that she did not see the Prime Minister (who is a 'mother, wife, grandmother and a political leader’) bareback.

Might her editor be partly to blame, sending her where she might see half naked people? Is there a case for applying OSHA legislation here?

Am reading this and looking to see if I wrote this kind of rubbish in one of my more enlightened moments. It certainly is an unusual way to leave your job. As the Mighty Joe Young said to me once "Short of standing and peein' on the boss's desk, I would probably serve in the Court for a long while." Our reporter seems to have chosen another route.

And to protect the integrity of the newspaper? How does resigning help? A lot more would be needed to bring that about.

But Ms. reporter does help me to understand my own longevity in this business. I consider myself very, very fortunate to have learned and practised journalism in the most distinguished media academy in Trinidad and Tobago, the working class movement.

I was enrolled at O.W.T.U/Vanguard campus. I did a "Mass. Comm” diploma at UWI but Paramount Building (OWTU HQ) was the real deal. The list of respected personalities I interviewed include Mungal Patassar, Winsford 'Joker' Devine, Bertrand Kelman, our own Raffique Shah - to name a few.

Now that I am reading our reporter’s piece I understand why I lasted so long. All the people I met KEPT THEIR CLOTHES ON. I did visit "Joker' subsequently a Carnival Tuesday and he was bareback. No; he did not touch me but still nobody told me to resign and I still dress the same way.

Truth is I should have succumbed a long time ago, given the number of marathons and track and field events I have covered with athletes wearing the bare minimum, sometimes less, and a couple Panoramas among some scantily clad flag women. Damn! If only a couple of them had stripped I could be drawing a disability pension.

You know I have a tag line I use to the male comrades when I am in the field. I say to them "Ah tired takin' out all yuh hard face man. Let me take out the ladies." Little did I know that they were saving me and my job from 'touchy feely' sisters