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BACKHOE? by Rae Samuel

posted 23 Jul 2014, 12:40 by Gerry Kangalee
So there is another video out there of another parent 'disciplining' a child with a shovel. What amazes me is that some of the strongest supporters of the mother who 'disciplined' her daughter for the 'selfies' she posted on Facebook and posted same, these very avid fans of corporal punishment are now saying "Nah, she should not have used a shovel''. 

I have been asking them "Why not?'' Licks is licks! The rationale used the last time was that the level and form of violence is relative to the perceived threat. So if the present #1 video "Barbarism Gone Wild'' is a step up from "Brutality Gone Wild'' we have to accept it on the same principle. That is why I am sure the next viral video will show the use of a backhoe on some child who is perceived to be 'at risk'.

The educators and martinets in the ranks of firm disciplinarians will assure us that the particular child will “never do that again''. Sounds much like the Gary/Kamla duo doesn't it? "Raise the threat level to orange and release the dogs of war as we take the fight to the enemy''.

Colour me orange now becomes "Threat level orange'. Soldiers will now patrol these 'hotspots'. What is a 'hotspot? Anywhere poor working class....sorry am being redundant here...anywhere presently marginalised, unemployed people are hemmed in and pressured from all sides and are surviving by any means necessary: under the guns of the gangs or of the police/soldiers, which of whom it is almost impossible to tell.

Given the reports coming out of these 'sectors' (see I am using the language and style of the ruling class media: these lawless 'elements' live in 'sectors') I am reminded of a saying they use in Kenya: "The police and the army are the tribes with the guns”. So have the police and army become our gangs in uniform? Are the soldiers not patrolling with their faces covered with balaclavas?

So there is a link to St. Michael’s Home for Boys to what transpired in the Princes Town "Light him afire' police station, the Youth Training Facility, the orphanages and Remand yards. Some of us do not realise that this is a system and that light is being shone on dark corners. Do we imagine it is a co-incidence that rebellions are occurring at all these institutions? Yesterday St. Jude’s; today St. Michael’s; a while back St.Mary's Home? Damn! Let's start with a name change. These saints ain't wukkin!

Those of us who are imagining that come May 2015 a 'change is gonna come' had better wake up. The Prime Minister in waiting has more important things to do. He has already voted for enhanced benefits for himself and his crew. See, dear friends, the poor do not finance election campaigns..They just vote for who is going to fool them.