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posted 15 Sept 2014, 12:42 by Gerry Kangalee
The Peoples Partnership (PP) government in its 2014/2015 Budget pre
sentation stated
at the protective services would soon acquire Armoured Personnel Carriers in its unsuccessful fight against criminal gangs. There is still uncertainty as to the number of these deadly machines that will be purchased. 

The government spokespersons have said these armoured vehicles will not be used against citizens engaged in legitimate protest actions and that some will be used to protect government officials and deal with criminals. 
The current Minister of National Security speaks like a man devoid of any civil rights principles and analytical understanding of the causes of crime and a strategy to combat the criminal elements, except through comic book methods. Who and what caused this man to be in such a major position in government? 
This country doesn’t need those vehicles to deal with the criminal elements. What we
need are proper law enforcement strategy and tactics. In other words we need an efficient, well trained and well paid police service not more weapons that will be ineffective against the criminal gangs. As for protecting government officials, when did we last assassinate a government official? 

It is an indictment against our government and leaders of law enforcement that a few hundred gangsters can terrorize our society for so long without being crushed. Who would these armoured vehicles be used against when the criminals reside in heavily populated areas? Are we to see peaceful citizens and children becoming collateral damage? Or are there other reasons for the use of these armoured personnel vehicles? 
The main causes of crime in this country are poverty, inequality, and a broken education system that fuels the dangerous drugs trade and illegal guns. Therefore we need to deal with the importation and transhipment of cocaine into and out the country by some of the higher ups in the society, who while not dirtying their hands, do provide the foreign exchange for the purchases. 
We need to deal with corrupt government officials who facilitate this wicked trade and politicians who are financed by the drug dealers and provide protection from the law for these evil drug dealers. 
This PP government since its election into office in May 2010 has presided over the highest level of immorality, corrupt practices, unethical behaviour, immoral conduct, gross nepotism, victimization of citizens in the work place and lack of transparency for government jobs and contracts, ethnic chauvinism and worst of all massive corruption. 
This government declared a state of emergency on the flimsiest of pretexts, detained and warehoused hundreds of urban youths without charge. Who can forget Section 34 when the government used the parliament to enact a new law to end the prosecution of corrupt financiers of their party. Then there is the “Reshmi” appointment as head of a major intelligence agency of the state as a payback for information even though she was just a clerical worker in the agency and faked her qualifications. 
There are also the countless false qualifications tendered by operatives of the PP government that landed these falsifiers big jobs and big money in State agencies and enterprises. 
Additionally, we have seen a total breakdown in the State Enterprise Sector to the extent that many of these enterprises are draining the treasury due to non-profitability or steep drops in profits due to inefficient cronies of the PP government being placed in high management levels without experience or qualification. 
There is still no explanation for the continuing foreign exchange shortages and speculation is that the shortages of foreign money is being spirited out of the country into various types of investments by the ruling elites and in financing the importation of illegal drugs. 
Constitutional amendments have been pushed down the throats of our people without proper consultations and worse a provision for runoff elections (for candidates with less than 50% of the votes) that was not discussed by the advisory body on constitutional change. This constitutional change to our elections is now awaiting the President’s signature to become law. Some believe this is an attempt by the government to steal the next election due in one year’s time. 
This is the current political and economic environment that prevails in Trinbago. There are peoples’ protests at various areas in the country particularly at the parliament. Trade unions and various civic groups are incensed at the decay and various dastardly acts of the PP government over the last four years. New democratic and patriotic groups are being formed to struggle against the many violations of the people and the treasury by our current government. 
History is filled with corrupt, inefficient and undemocratic regimes militarizing their police and defence forces and then using these sophisticated and deadly weapons to stop protests against their decadent rule. When a government is corrupt and facing the possibility of being put before the courts for their misdeeds, there are three (3) options available to the despotic rulers. And they always prepare for the use of all the options due to any eventuality. 

Option 1: The Election Option: Steal the elections by rigging and corrupting the process. This is a Soft Option. Is this what more than (50% votes) runoff(s) is about? A candidate can win the first round and lose the second round or other rounds by the party in power corrupting and wheeling and dealing with the third force party and other small parties. 
Option 2: The Repressive Option: Use the Military and Police against democratic protestors. Kill some of them if necessary, particularly the leaders of Trade Unions, Opposition Political Parties and Civil and Democratic Rights leaders. This will instil fear in those who wish to protest or engage in civil protests. As a result of raw military might the corrupt and repressive government will stay in power having pacified the population through brute force. 

Option 3: Bank ill-gotten gains overseas and invest overseas particularly in safe havens for stolen money. If Options 1 and 2 fail: fly out with your family to meet your money. 
Beware Trinbagonians. Act before it’s too late. The most dangerous animal is a wounded animal. We have elected a government that does not know how to run a country and they are insecure, paranoid and scared of the people.
The people of Trinbago need to act before it’s too late. Don’t feel it can’t happen here. Ask the people of Haiti under Duvalier or Guyana under Burnham. Ask Venezuelans under the rule of Pérez. What about Iran under the Shah and Grenada under Gairy? 

Peoples of the world have lived in misery, suffered from poverty and have died under the rule of nepotistic, corrupt, undemocratic and inefficient governments. Once in power they use every available arm of the state to maintain their unpopular rule. Are we going to let this happen in Trinbago? The People, organized and united, is the only vehicle to restore our country to a level of decency and honesty in governance.

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